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6 Lessons in Storytelling from Steven Spielberg

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jul 23 2014

With more than 30 films, 7 Academy Award nominations and 3 wins, Steven Spielberg has the uncanny ability to strike a balance in being prolific, technical, sentimental but still progressive. There is much for brands to learn from his success over the past 30 years.

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The Best Brands on Pinterest (and What They’re Doing Right)

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jul 8 2014

Pinterest is quickly becoming a marketing force to be reckoned with, evolving on a steady basis to help brands deliver more engaging content and reach the right customers.

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The Hot Spot: A Monthly Snapshot of Content, Digital and Branding Inspiration

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jun 27 2014

With Cannes behind us and the culmination of World Cup madness ahead, things are heating up in the content marketing world. Here’s to another great month of insights and inspiration.

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Top 4 Ways ClickHole is Feeding our Buzz for Viral Content Parody

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jun 20 2014

In the week since The Onion and A.V. Club launched Clickhole, it has won its way in to our hearts with superb parody of the content factories we love to hate and hate to love.

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Why B2C Content Marketers Should Care About LinkedIn

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jun 12 2014

Of course B2B brands have helped LinkedIn become the dark horse in the content marketing race, but a surprising number of B2C brands are turning to the platform to extend their content marketing efforts.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Human Factor in Content Marketing

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jul 10 2014

With so much focus on metrics and optimization, it’s easy to lose focus on one of the most integral components of successful content marketing: people. Check out this infographic that will help shed some light on how to better connect, both with audiences and within your own organization.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Content For The People, By The People

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jul 1 2014

With the 4th of July upon us we decided to take a patriotic look at content marketing strategy in our latest infographic. By democratizing content creation, brands have the opportunity not just to create more content, but to create more audience-centric marketing that’s far more likely to resonate and stimulate authentic engagement. Declaring independence from monolithic,…

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4 Reasons Why Chipotle Won Big at Cannes

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jun 24 2014

It’s no surprise that “The Scarecrow” campaign from Chipotle was a big winner at Cannes this year, receiving two Golds and one Grand Prix. But what can it tell us about the future of branded content?

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3 Rules for Developing a Voice in Branded Content

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jun 13 2014

All marketers are aware that having a clear, consistent brand voice across communications is important. But little is said when it comes to actually HOW you can create that voice.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Great Divide in Content Marketing

by Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot on Jun 4 2014

Embraced by brands and marketing professionals around the world, content marketing continues to capture budget and priority in the marketing mix.

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