Deliver Relevance, Drive Engagement and Deepen Relationships with OneSpot

Our powerful Individualization Platform ensures every brand interaction delivers your visitors and subscribers the most relevant content, at the right time – all while driving better results.

Automate the Delivery of Highly Targeted Individualized Content

Delivering a natural, customer-first digital experience is key to developing deeper relationships and improving business outcomes. Our AI enables brands to dynamically individualize the experience for every customer across web, mobile and email.


Deliver a unique content experience to each individual across your digital properties, including your home page, category pages, product pages, and more.


Send subscribers the right content in every email, including welcome messages, newsletters, abandoned carts and other action-based messages.


Gain a deeper understanding of the topics that resonate while revealing strategic opportunities for deeper engagement and increased conversions.

OneSpot Solutions

OneSpot acts as an extension of your team, enabling you to do more with less, delivering key functionality faster, responding quickly to changing audience dynamics and significantly improving efficiency in marketing operations.

Create Relevant and Meaningful Interactions

Engage with customers at crucial stages of the customer journey where you have the most significant opportunity to differentiate your brand and build trust while influencing visitor actions and purchasing.

Improve Time and Interaction with your Site

Increase the number of website visitors, time spent on your website and the number of high-value actions they take, such as registering, purchasing, driving leads to your other digital properties, etc.

Convert Unknown Visitors to Contacts

We enable marketers to deliver individualized experiences to anonymous audiences, at first-touch, converting more unknown website visitors to known contacts and prospects.

Obtain Brand Critical Behavioral Insights

Understand your audience’s ‘digital body language’ so you can easily tell what drives engagement, actions and conversions to make more informed decisions around strategy, content and offer development.

How it Works

Our unique approach allows organizations to quickly evolve from rules-driven marketing and basic segmentation to an automated 1:1 experience.

Contextual Analysis and Machine Learning

OneSpot uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to automatically scan all your content, understand its meaning and context, while indexing and building your custom library accordingly.

1:1 Behavioral Profile Building

Our platform continuously monitors each individual’s behavior to understand their interests and intent so that it can deliver the content, products, or offers they are most likely to act on.

Automated Cataloging and Distribution

OneSpot automatically scans, catalogs and distributes relevant content, adapting over time as your content and audience change.

Seamlessly integrate OneSpot with all major ESPs and MAPs,


...and many more!

See the OneSpot Individualization Platform in Action

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