Drive Deeper Engagement Through Improved Relevance

OneSpot’s Individualization Platform builds interest profiles for every person, whether new or returning, and enables your brand to deliver individualized content to 100% of your visitors and email subscribers.

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content personalization

Automate and Scale Content Individualization

Our sophisticated approach to individualization eliminates the need to create and maintain complicated, manually-programmed content journeys that fail to deliver truly individualized experiences.

Gain Greater Insight to Content Performance

Make more informed editorial decisions by gaining insight into how content is resonating with your audience. Quickly identify best performing content by understanding content quality scores and audience engagement.

repeat engagement

Launch in a matter of weeks, not months

Rely on our managed services for fast and easy implementation, and ongoing success

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OneSpot in the News

"OneSpot’s real differentiator is its Content Sequencing Engine, which tracks where viewers are in “the customer journey” and targets ads accordingly."

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" OneSpot’s proprietary Content Sequencing® technology takes a data-driven approach to optimizing the connections between content, audience and business results."

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"OneSpot uses machine learning to predict which piece of content will be the most relevant for a reader."

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"OneSpot promises to avoid repetition by sequencing content based on how people respond to what they've already seen or what they're doing online."

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"By promoting their content on other sites, Remington was able to reach more of its target audience of female viewers."

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"Leveraging the reach and targeting of exchanges for branded content distribution is fascinating; using it as a means to tell stories in an iterative way is even more interesting."

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