10 Must-Attend Sessions at Content Marketing World 2017


Content Marketing World kicks off in less than one month, and content leaders from around the country are preparing for four days of networking and thought leadership with the industry’s best and brightest! With 120+ hours of programming and 200+ speakers, navigating the schedule can be overwhelming — that’s why we’ve selected the top ten sessions we are most excited about. Check it out below!

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11:20 am – Let the Data Drive Your Stories: How Proprietary Numbers Can Improve Your Storytelling and Boost Your Brand’s Thought Leadership
Featuring Margaret Magnarelli, Managing Editor of Content & Senior Director of Marketing at Monster

Using proprietary data to tell stories can help a brand quickly become a thought leader in its space: Data = authority, especially if you can pair it with internal expertise. So we at Monster began a treasure hunt of figuring out where the data sat in the company and what it was—and then how to deploy it to our audiences. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Align yourself with different departments that create or manage data, from insights to PR to product
  • Look for the top-level data that we know has evergreen broad appeal (our monthly “Monster 100” list of top companies hiring has generated more than 1 million page views and 529K conversions to job search this year)
  • Layer existing data on news of the moment (like tallying up job searches in Canada leading up to the election)
  • Dig deep into data that appeals to specific audience
  • Work with PR and insights to create data, helping build surveys and polls and unique data crunching such as our Monster-Military.com Best Companies for Veterans Awards
  • Report external data, and give it a fresh spin with your expertise.

11:20 am – Under the Hood: Deconstructing Content Marketing the Travelers Way
Featuring John Bell, VP of Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers

Travelers publishes hundreds of articles, videos and visuals to engage consumers and business leaders at different points along their buyer journey. This fuel for integrated marketing programs attracts customers before they are even ready to shop for insurance. This session will cover building belief in data-driven content, integrating an editorial team inside marketing, and how we pulled it all together inside the Travelers Engagement Center – a new approach to digital marketing. Participants will take away the following:

  • How to structure an enterprise content-meets-marketing team
  • How to build a daily discipline of analyzing data and learning from customers
  • How to go beyond insurance but not the brand to be of-use and relevant to customers
  • And how to sell in new ideas within a conservative industry

2:50 pm – The Inside Story of How Cleveland Clinic Health Hub Drives Consistent Web Traffic and Builds an Audience
Featuring Amanda Todorovich, Director of Content Marketing at The Cleveland Clinic

Our 2016 Content Marketer of the Year will share the details of how Cleveland Clinic grew blog traffic from 0 to more than 4.5 million visits per month. This session will dig deep into building a killer content strategy, how to garner leadership support and resources for content marketing, and even talk about how you can generate revenue from content.

  • Developing and adhering to a strong content marketing strategy in a large enterprise
  • Building and leading a content marketing team – who and what do you need to be successful
  • Tips and tricks for growing audience
  • Effectively scaling your content marketing efforts

2:50 pm – How The Estée Lauder Companies Drive Sales Through Content Marketing
Featuring Alicianne Rand, Executive Director of Global Content Marketing at Estée Lauder

Think back to a piece of branded content that you enjoyed and found helpful. Chances are, it was created by influencers or consumers just like you. Today, authenticity is a must-have ingredient in delivering content that resonate with consumers. As the #1 prestige beauty company with $11.3B in revenue across 25+ brands and 150+ countries, Estée Lauder Companies face the challenge of optimizing its global presence while producing locally relevant content. ELC’s ability to create authentic, quality content at scale lies in the power of its consumers. Attendee takeaways:

  • How to leverage influencer marketing and content creation to drive sales
  • Case studies of best in class brands / companies who have successfully integrated user-generated content into their strategies
  • Tactical advice on driving business objectives through user-generated content


10:00 am – What Exactly Does a Truly Global Editorial Calendar Look Like?
Featuring Stan Miller, Global Customer Communications Editorial Lead at Rockwell Automation

Our global content creation machine generates hundreds of blogs, articles, press releases, awards announcements and case studies every year. Discover how we bring order to what could be chaos by reusing, republishing and reactivating content across a wide variety of channels while providing transparency across global and all regions as well as facilitating translations.

4:15 pm – Inside Game Plan A: How Adidas Built and Measures the Content Brand Powered by Culture
Featuring Frank Thomas, Director Content Strategy and Content Marketing at Adidas

In this session you will not only get concrete insights into the Content Marketing Strategy behind adidas’ GamePlan-A.com but also into how the strategy was created, implemented and how it is constantly put to the test. It’s a content strategy that the Jury of the International German PR Award called “impressively coherent conduction of the business strategy. It’s implementation is just as exemplary.” Takeaways:

  • Why GamePlan A promotes cultural ideas, not shoes.
  • How to integrate your strategy into your organizational processes and structures to make it work.
  • How to find the balance between making your strategy take off and evolving it simultaneously

4:15 pm – A Peak Behind the Curtain of Marriott International’s Real-Time Content Creation Machine
Featuring Matthew Glick, Senior Director of Global Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott International

The engine that drives the real-time conversation of Marriott International’s 30 Hotel Brands is called “M Live.” An industry leader in the content creation space, the global marketing command center generates original IP that is based on live data and metrics. M Live serves as the touch point of engaging social content directly with Next Gen Travelers. It is located in the center of Marriott International’s Worldwide Headquarters and was recently honored with two Creative Data Cannes Lions.

4:15 pm – Post-Sales Content and the Future of Marketing: The Bridge Between Buy and Advocate
Featuring Andrea Ames, Enterprise Content Experience Strategist at IBM

Are you a Marketer thinking post-sales content has only a niche role to play in marketing? If you’d like to increase post-sales content in the pre-sales phases of the client journey, do you have resources — time, money, or people — to do so?

Are you a post-sales content professional who has been told “everybody sells?” Have you been asked to demonstrate how your work contributes to revenue generation and customer loyalty?

If this sounds familiar, join Andrea to discuss how a content strategy that is unified across the entire client journey — from discovery to advocacy — and the right ecosystem (team, culture, etc.) can help you address these truths. In this session, you will learn:

  • Key components of a unified content strategy to deliver successful content across the client journey
  • Content ecosystem prerequisites for successfully creating and implementing that unified strategy
  • How people and culture (organization, roles, incentives, performance measures) can drive your strategy — or send it over a cliff!

4:15 pm – How to Document and Test Your Content Marketing Strategy Around the B2B Customer Experience
Featuring Scott Lum, Content Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Content marketing becomes increasingly more complex as it is integrated across the customer journey, within various parts of the company and takes on more revenue responsibilities. In this session we’ll look at how to ground yourself by documenting your process including creating a customer-centric content strategy, competitive content analysis, developing a content playbook, optimizing touch points along the customer journey and documenting best practices through A/B testing.


8:00 am – How Intel Evolved from Blogging to Running a Full-Fledged Media Property
Featuring Luke Kintigh, Global Content and Media Strategist and Deb Landau, Managing Editor of IQ at Intel

In this session, Luke Kintigh, Intel’s Global Content and Media Strategist, and Deb Landau, Managing Editor, iQ by Intel, will discuss how data-driven editorial and strategic distribution can massively improve your content marketing strategy, including proven best practices across editorial, video and mobile for the audience to implement. Attendees will learn:

  • An inside look into a multinational technology company’s decision to take a data-driven, content-focused approach to marketing, including the implementation process and the impressive results
  • How to engage with today’s consumer with the right content, including insights into personalization, discovery and delivery
  • The most successful channels to deliver content, including video, mobile, in-feed and more
  • Understanding the feed mindset: Why native content is uniquely suited for attracting and engaging users online

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