3 Content Marketing Lessons to Learn From Dating

The quickening pulse. The sweaty palms. The telltale warmth that creeps up your neck and flushes your cheeks.

We all know the signs of love at first click.

When content is truly great and personal, it feels like a match made in heaven. But with the hundreds of brands flooding the market with stories that range from magnificent to mediocre, it can be easy to get lost in mix. Just like a romantic partner, your audience has needs and doubts. They want to be courted. If you treat consumers like potential partners that you want to successfully woo, your brand is more likely to develop a long-term relationship built off trust and loyalty.

1. Better results happen when you fish in a smaller pool.
There is a reason that couples who meet at work are more likely to get married: individuals already have an idea of their partner’s goals and ambitions, but it’s much more focused than meeting a potential mate randomly. The dating pool has immediately gone from vast to being much more targeted. The OneSpot platform is built to predict which users will be most likely to engage with our clients’ content, delivering the appropriate message to the right audience, making it more like a chat by the water cooler with the girl from the media department than yelling over a noisy crowd at a bar.

2. First impressions matter, but you need to charm your partner over time.
We’re all about the butterflies you get when you see an article or video that just speaks to you, but it takes more than that to keep users engaged. Your brand first needs to create quality content that connects and dazzles at first glance. Then, keep surprising users by messaging them in unique ways, at different moments. Remember that, like real love, the seeds of brand loyalty grow at different rates for different people, so creating a clear story sequence is as desirable as flowers after a great first date. Leave the one night stands for your less dedicated competitors.

3. On that note, don’t just talk about yourself.
A good partner asks meaningful questions and doesn’t just sit at the table waiting for his turn to speak. As a marketer, you need to practice the fine art of alertness and awareness if you want engagement. Get to know your audience to see what they want (even if it means a little space sometimes).


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