3 Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions to Make This Year


Who doesn’t love New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions give us time to reflect on our accomplishments from the previous year and then set ambitious goals for the next. You might generally center them around things like working out more often or eating a healthier diet, but why not try setting a few New Year’s resolutions in regards to your content marketing strategy instead? If you’re not sure where to start, we can help.

Last week we shared our predictions for how personalization, individualization and content will shape the marketing space in 2018. Now that we’re into the new year, we’re eager to see how these predictions start taking shape, especially when it comes to how marketing leaders and their teams plan to evolve their strategies for content and personalization.

We asked several members of the OneSpot leadership team to jot down the resolutions that they think marketing teams should make in order to have the best year when it comes to building and scaling their content and personalization strategies. Here’s what they had to say:

Optimize your content for individuals, not segments

OneSpot Chief Strategy Officer David Brown emphasizes the need to optimize all of your content efforts for excellence, and ensure all assets are highly relevant to your audience in 2018. Anything less just isn’t worth the effort.

Marketers have relied on segmentation to make content more relevant to cohorts of their audience, but today true relevance is only the result of an individually personalized content experience. Marketing technology today enables organizations to understand customers as individuals, including their unique preferences and behaviors. Based on these individualized insights, marketers can provide meaningful content experiences for prospects and customers alike.

Leverage machine learning for truly individualized email marketing

In 2018, OneSpot SVP of Customer Success & Business Development Damian Borichevsky urges marketing teams to focus on sending the content that your subscribers want to read, not the content that your editors want them to read. This will require marketers to think differently about how to segment and personalize content, as well as their editorial operation.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning becoming more essential to the email marketing process, email marketers have the ability to add individualized content to otherwise static welcome series and triggered messages. Rather than sending “batch and blast” email campaigns, they can leverage email personalization technology to “batch and individualize,” sending one campaign to one segment with millions of versions based on individual preferences and behaviors.

Prioritize content engagement metrics over traditional web metrics

Finally, OneSpot VP of Product Ryan Rozich wants organizations to ensure their content analytics are delivering meaningful and actionable insights. For starters, how can you be sure you’re creating the right content and investing in the right places? With reporting tools getting more sophisticated, marketers now have access to laser-focused content marketing insights that should be fully leveraged in 2018.

Rather than relying on aggregate website metrics to make content marketing decisions, Rozich advocates using content intelligence and content monitoring tools to see engagement at the individual level. The right content intelligence can also deliver key insights on:

  • Which topics to write more about if you’re looking to attract different audiences
  • Which topics to write more about if you’re looking to engage users more deeply
  • Which articles are good at capturing users’ attention and which articles keep users’ attention

This level of granularity will enable your team to understand how content is being consumed so you can make better forward-looking decisions when planning your editorial calendar.

OneSpot can help you build a strategy to execute these resolutions and more. Contact us or contact us to learn more.


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