3 Content Marketing Tips for Beauty and Skincare Brands


Today’s buyers and consumers are in full control of their online journey, and they expect personalized content experiences from brands every step of the way. Content and digital marketers continue to struggle with the ability to deliver how-to articles, video tutorials, product recommendations and more — where their consumers want it, the way they want it and targeted directly to their needs.

Iconic beauty brands must take action and digitally reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant for the continuously evolving preferences of their audience. But how?

Here we share three major content marketing challenges that beauty and skincare brands face today, and provide examples and solutions that can be put into action.

Keep your strategy looking young

Consumers today are a rising generation of beauty connoisseurs, and they want their own unique digital experience that makes them feel valued throughout the entire process. With many beauty brands serving up generic product content and under-delivering on their digital experience, consumers have turned to bloggers, Instagram socialites and amateur how-to videographers — deeming these influencers as credible, prominent resources for beauty product recommendations.

To create a unique online experience that fuels consumer actions while positioning your brand alongside rising influencers, build out a digital hub of quality content resources for your consumer and drive all of your online campaign activity to this hub. This will further position your brand as the go-to resource for all things beauty and skincare.

A great example is Unilever’s content hub, All Things Hair. The site is packed with stories, tutorials, latest trends and more — securing their position as an expert in all things hair.

Contour your content

When a consumer is on the hunt for a new product, it means they are venturing outside of their comfort zone. They are exploring new ways to change their overall look or health of their skin, which requires research, education and inspiration prior to purchase. Product content alone will no longer cut it. Your audience wants to know exactly what is in the product, who else uses it and how to use it most effectively to achieve their desired results.

To create content that will drive your consumer to purchase, focus on educational, informative content that will drive deeper engagement with your brand. Build your content strategy with a focus on education and inspiration.

Glossier’s content hub Into the Gloss is a perfect example of quality content curation that is tailored specifically for their audience. Not only do they keep their beauty buffs highly engaged (with their pointer finger hovering over that buy-it-now button), but they’ve taken it one step further to communicate to their audience that they are listening to what they want.

Be a trendsetter

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to make your brand stand out, and more importantly, an opportunity to create a moment that your customer finds worthy of talking about. That being said, every person is different — each with their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to their beauty and skincare regimen. In an attempt to deliver a “personalized” content experience, many brands are relying on segmentation exercises, and continue to fall short in delivering a seamless, personal experience for each individual consumer.

Delivering an authentic, personalized content experience across all channels is easier than you might think. By incorporating a personalization platform that easily integrates into your current marketing technology stack, you can deploy 1-1 interactions with your audience across your website, email and digital programs.

L’Oreal’s Makeup.com achieved true 1:1 content individualization by partnering with OneSpot to personalize their content experience across their website. The personalization technology boosted content consumption and increased new and returning visitor engagement while inspiring more visitors to click on a high-value calls to action such as “buy now.” This personalized experience filled L’Oreal’s pipeline with qualified, highly engaged, ready-to-buy consumers.

Beauty is only as deep as your content experience

Changing up the look of your content strategy may seem overwhelming at first, but if you stay focused on the opportunity it creates for your brand, the successes you see along the way will far outweigh your hesitation. By taking these three tips into consideration and building an infrastructure and strategy focused on creating a meaningful and valued relationship with your audiences through relevant content, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a leading brand in the beauty space.

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