3 Great Examples of Home Improvement Content from Top Brands


We’ve written about how educational content is one of the most successful forms of content marketing. That’s because research has found that consumers value content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) over any other type of content. This is why content marketers should be striving to create more educational and informative content in the form of how-to content, tutorials or data-driven content to attract and engage audiences.

Lifestyle brands that focus on home improvement products are well-poised to deliver on consumer expectations for educational and informative content marketing. Here are some great examples of home improvement tutorials, how-tos and educational inspiration content from leading brands.

Delta Faucet: Inspirational Homes for Design Enthusiasts

For more than 60 years, Delta Faucet has been a lead innovator in the plumbing industry. In order to deliver a more customer-centric content experience, the company focused on evolving its content marketing strategy from consistently being focused on products, including faucets, toilets and showers, to more aspirational home improvement content. The result was a content hub called “Inspired Living” that consisted of a variety of content such as articles, videos, quizzes and how-tos. In addition to delivering a variety of topics through a beautifully designed content hub, Delta also serves up content recommendations to personalize the content experience via promotion and retargeting.

Etsy: DIYs for the Crafty and Creative

Etsy is the shopping destination for lovers of homemade and handcrafted items. Its content hub Etsy Journal offers up stories related to the site’s vast offering, from gift and decorating ideas to Etsy shop owner interviews and shopping guides. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, Etsy delivers expertly crafted designs you can make or buy directly from Etsy sellers. DIY instructions are clear, crisp and beautifully crafted to inspire the creative genius in anyone.

Lowe’s: A Vast How-To Library for Every Home Improvement Project

Lowe’s offers the end-to-end customer journey in home improvement products, and that extends into the content offering in its extensive how-to library, covering everything from inspiration to ideas for celebrations and everything in between. Content is expertly categorized to help users easily filter by project type, home area or holiday. But the content hub goes even deeper to give you a variety of ways to consume the educational content. If you are more of a visual learner, you can watch project videos or view the photo gallery. If you need the basics on a project, you can access glossaries and FAQs. And if you’re about to dive into a bigger project or need expertise on a piece of equipment, Lowe’s also provides buying guides and calculators to give you more details to help you make an informed purchase. The brand also consistently uses calls to action like “get inspired,” “get started” and “shop now” to help customers find the right content based on where they are in their journey.

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