3 Reasons Why Medium Matters for Content Marketing

Sure, we’ve all heard a ton about Medium since Blogger and Twitter founder, Evan Williams, announced his plans for his latest venture two years ago. But up to this point, the publishing service has been enshrouded in a cloud of mystery. What’s the big deal anyway, and what does it mean for content marketing?

Medium is content curation at its best.
At its core, Medium is an easy-to-use content platform that allows users to sort content by topic or theme instead of by author. The interface itself is minimal, allowing users to browse content by collections and vote up the very best stories.  The end product is not unlike a magazine, curated by users to discover the most interesting content that appeals to them, according to specific topics and themes.

Medium makes content all about the story.
While some platforms (Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, for example) focus on images, Medium is text-based, making marketers focus on the actual story told. The content strikes a balance between the short form expression of Twitter and longer format of traditional blogging. It’s a collaborative platform, which can allow posts to link back to relevant authors and ideas that can reflect a brand’s bigger vision. But at its core, Medium has the opportunity to fill the void image-driven Pinterest and share-centric Tumblr.

Medium is just the first of many platforms that will change how content is consumed.
Cofounder Biz Stone states that the newly-launched product is still in its embryonic stages, but it will grow as  Medium learns about user patterns and needs. As content consumption trends evolve, we’re excited to see how marketers will embrace new platforms like Medium to create better, more digestible stories.

Is Medium the right publishing platform for you or your brand? Consider the unique problems Medium solves, and compare that to the brand publishing challenges you’re facing. If this new tool can help you improve the user experience of your content – or help you be a better publisher – it may very well be worth giving it a go.


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