3 Swoonworthy Content Ideas to Help Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand


To get into the holiday spirit, we started thinking about the ways your content strategy can lean into Valentine’s Day to help customers fall in love with your brand. Venture into any drugstore or supermarket this week and you’ll find yourself swimming in a sea of pink and red cards, candy, and flowers. All of these things are designed to help loved ones feel special, instilling loyalty in a friendship or relationship. Similarly, a great content strategy is about showing your audience that you care, and treating customers to amazing, helpful content that will hopefully win their loyalty in return.

These days, a content strategy is about more than just creating and sharing content for your brand’s blog, website and social channels. It’s about fueling a meaningful experience that helps you develop lasting relationships with your audience. To get you inspired, here are three types of Valentines you can give to your audience right now to help them fall in love with your brand.

Create and Deliver Content of Value

Valentine’s Day is full of cutesy gifts and gestures, and sometimes it’s okay for branded content to be that way too. Animated videos, delightful infographics, and humorous ads are just a few ways you can engage your audience through entertaining content. However, the type of Valentine that’s going to keep audiences coming back to your brand is content that delivers value. We know that customers most value content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) them. Only 17% say content that “entertains” is the most valuable and 11% say content that “inspires” is the most valuable.

Content that will still be helpful for your audience in a month or a year is valuable content indeed. Creating content that your customers can download, bookmark, and use whenever they need it is a great way to become a trusted resource—and to be the brand they think of when they’re ready to buy.

Recognize Customers’ Individuality

The most delightful and engaging Valentine’s Day experiences are those that honor individuality to make others feel special. Customers appreciate the same type of content experiences from brands. Rather than gifting cookie-cutter content, you can personalize the customer experience based on their individual needs, wants and preferences.

For marketers to make this possible, you first have to build a complete picture of the customer and understand them intimately based on all the data they share with you. This strategy requires automated, scalable and real-time data extraction and analysis, delivered by the right machine learning tools, to align customer profiles with the content available and then deliver that content through the right channels. The marketers who prioritize customer individuality will be able to deliver hyper-relevant content experiences throughout the entire customer journey, winning the hearts and attention of their audience.

Deliver Experiences That Are Individually Relevant

The final, and likely the most important, part of Valentine’s Day is how you deliver the experience. The delivery should make the experience feel special, be unique to the individual and be timed strategically to increase your chances of receiving the optimal reaction. The surest way to generate engagement and loyalty with your content strategy is through individualization, which is delivering individualized content experiences based on the unique characteristics and behaviors of each individual consumer.

Giving your audience the Valentine of individualized content experiences will drive deeper engagement and trust with your brand—91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember to send them relevant offers and recommendations. Leveraging the customer profiles you’ve built to honor their individuality, you can individualize content to a segment of one and deliver truly personalized content in real time.

Bring People Closer to the Content That Matters

With the right individualization tools and strategy in place, you can help customers fall in love with your brand by delivering individualized content experiences. Click here for a closer look at how individualization technology works to create 1:1 content experiences for customers.


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