3 Ways to Achieve Content Individualization with Machine Learning


Content has a become a staple marketing category in the last few years, with more and more brands investing in content production and distribution. Marketing leaders are using content to connect with, educate and influence their audience. But how can they be sure the content is actually creating a meaningful connection with brands and consumers?

Consumers crave personalized experiences from brands, as companies like Amazon and Google have trained us to expect highly relevant content and product recommendations based on our previous search history and preferences. Reports estimate 74% of consumers feel frustrated when a brand’s content experience isn’t personalized, leading to lower engagement.

As marketing technology becomes more influenced by artificial intelligence (AI), marketing leaders are recognizing that individuals’ needs and interests are as unique as their fingerprints. The question then becomes, how can brands ensure they’re delivering the right content to the right person in the moment? The answer lies in being able to create a content experience that resonates through individualization, and at scale.

With the right technology, brands can automate the individualization of content experiences across channels. Individualization technology leverages AI and machine learning to analyze customer data (i.e., the unique needs, preferences and search behaviors) and align those unique profiles to the most relevant content that flows effortlessly across the web, email and mobile devices.

Let’s dive into three specific ways machine learning can help you achieve content individualization.

Uplevel Your Emails Through the Power of Machine Learning

Content-rich newsletters are an engaging and foundational piece of any email program. Now with AI-driven technology, you can inject relevant content into lifecycle, triggered and transactional messages at the moment you send.

For example, you can enrich the post-purchase experience by including complementary content with order and shipping confirmation emails. You can drive site visitors to purchase by adding inspirational content to cart abandonment emails. And freshen up your static welcome messages by including always current, always relevant content.

Reduce Email Production Time by Automating Individualized Email Campaigns

With machine learning, the days of batch and blast email campaigns are over. Now, with individualization technology, you can batch and individualize.

Individualization is based on the ability to deliver campaigns that include content directly from your website into messages based on each subscriber’s unique behavioral history. For example, with OneSpot’s Individualization Platform, you create an email template once and OneSpot will populate the email with individually relevant content for each unique subscriber.

Under Armour took this approach to automate the creation and delivery of an individualized email newsletter. Using OneSpot, the brand was able to achieve email individualization at scale and significantly reduce newsletter production time. They were also able to add a new weekly email to its customer journey. Since OneSpot is powered by machine learning, Under Armour was able to automatically populate a new email template and send the email each week with content individualized to each subscriber, with no additional effort or headcount.

Individualize Website Content Based on Subscribers’ Behavior

A user checks a box saying they are a vegan, yet they continue to engage with non-vegan recipes. What do you do? You leverage the user’s onsite behavior and machine learning to deliver the most relevant user experience.

For example, USAA worked with OneSpot to individualize its website experience by ensuring visitors were presented with content and products personally relevant to them based on their unique user profile. While one visitor saw articles on budgeting for a wedding and home buying, another visitor’s experience delivered articles and videos on saving for retirement. Each visitor’s content experience was unique to their individual viewing history, ensuring relevance and driving deeper engagement with USAA’s content.

Bring People Closer to the Content That Matters

Whether a visitor is engaging with your brand for the first time or the fifth, OneSpot’s Individualization Platform delivers the most relevant piece of content to 100% of your site visitors and email subscribers. Learn more about how you can deepen your brand’s relationship with consumers in 2019. Click here for a closer look at how individualization technology works to create one-to-one content experiences for customers.


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