4 Things New Chief Marketing Officers Must Do to Win Consumers with Content


Today we are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which is “characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries.” This revolution is already challenging businesses, their marketing organizations and beyond, to think about how they need to be prepared to evaluate future business models, technology stacks and more to transform and eventually succeed in the new world.

While studies suggest chief marketing officers (CMOs) are behind on disruptive growth, others indicate CMOs are continuing to invest and push the envelope with content to deliver real business results. And there’s more to push when it comes to building a future-proofed marketing organization that can withstand and potentially spearhead the 4IR. Marketing leaders know that deeper brand and content engagement can move the ROI needle, but they need a strategy for content personalization that delivers individually customized content experiences based on their audience’s specific needs, preferences and online behaviors.

By targeting your content experience with 1:1 personalization across digital channels, you’ll engage readers above and beyond the expectations of generic or segmented messaging—leading to real content marketing ROI. This is the secret to winning in the 4IR, and what new CMOs need to consider to captivate consumers with content. Here are four strategies CMOs can keep in mind while preparing to transform their organization for the 4IR.

1. Keep Your Brand Fresh

Many CMOs struggle with maintaining relevancy and balancing that with just “being cool.” What’s cool changes too quickly today. CMOs have to constantly demonstrate the relevance of their brand, and one captivating way to do that is with relevant, personalized content. Maintaining a fresh brand identity is all about serving up what’s relevant about your brand in a way that’s individualized to the consumer, not chasing the shiniest tech, platform or distribution channel.

2. Transform Your Web Experience to Meet Consumer Expectations

Your website is your home base and where existing and potential customers go to get acquainted with your offerings or seek specific information they need. Not only should the website be a reflection of your brand; it should also serve up the precise information they’re looking for. In the 4IR, you will need to think about how to transform your website into a hardworking tool that welcomes and orients new customers while meeting their expectations by serving the content and user experiences that are tailored to their unique interests.

3. Modernize Your Marketing Technology

Many large brands have homegrown technology stacks that span the enterprise. These legacy systems may have been built at a time when the business had the resources and subject-matter expertise to maintain such software, but in the 4IR it’s likely these tools are beginning to hold organizations back due to their homegrown nature and incompatibility with modern marketing strategies. Now is the time to evaluate new tools and determine which ones are worth buying versus building for the new industrial revolution.

4. Consolidate Marketing Resources

Your marketing resources are precious, and they will continue to be as you plan and prioritize for the 4IR. As you roadmap your strategy, you’ll continue to think about the tools, talent and analytics you’ll need to drive your marketing forward. But your technology stack, especially, will be crucial to help you consolidate resources and enhance your overall operating model. For example, when we examined the impact technology can have on the email marketing function alone, we found that machine learning tools can reduce manual workload by 36 hours per week. This allows teams to consolidate their efforts on manual email segmentation tasks and instead focus their work on more strategic initiatives.

For more insight on how CMOs can win consumers with content, download our guide: How to Master Individualization to Delight Your Customers. Inside we share best practices for delivering 1:1 personalized content experiences across every channel.


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