5 Considerations for Choosing the Right Content Development Shop

For the world’s best brands, content marketing is rarely a one-man or even one-team affair. It requires the coordination and cooperation of a broad range of specialists. As marketers expand their digital footprint with content, finding qualified partners to help grow the content portfolio is integral, but there are five key considerations marketers should keep in mind every step of the way:

  • Content Quality: Does the partner maintain the right level of editorial oversight and quality assurance worklfow, and does the end product reflect that?
  • Format Variety: Does the partner have the ability to produce content in a variety of engaging formats, i.e. short form, long form, video, social, etc?
  • Production Scale: Does the partner have the ability to produce content at the scale required by your brand?
  • Contributor Power: What qualification or demonstrated expertise do the partner’s outside content contributors and licensing partners have?
  • Category Depth: Does the partner have demonstrated success in directly servicing top brands in your vertical or category?

There is no shortage of experts than can help deliver on your content development goals, and we are proud to announce a new partnership with many of them. Why has OneSpot teamed up with some of the industry’s leading content platforms and content marketing agencies? To bring content strategy, creation and distribution closer together and deliver better business results from content.

To learn more about how we’re strengthening and simplifying content marketing with our content marketing partners, visit https:///partners.



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