5 Questions Brands at NewFronts Should Be Asking

Content is on parade at this year’s IAB Digital Content NewFronts event. Top publishers, broadcasters and digital upstarts are trotting out an endless stream of celebs and storylines – capturing advertisers’ hearts, minds and budgets as they place some of their biggest bets on content. Much of what’s being showcased looks incredible.

But in addition to acquiring, licensing and sponsoring great content at the NewFronts, brands need to be thinking about some important considerations before they go headlong into that next big online series. Here are 5 questions every brand at the NewFronts should be asking themselves:

1. What business outcome are we looking for?
Brand affinity with the latest hit from Vice sounds pretty good, sure. But what are we trying to achieve with our brand? Are we trying to drive awareness, consideration, preference? What role will this attractive content play in achieving that goal?

2. How will we build an audience?
It’s fantastic that my publisher/broadcaster partner is planning to put our chosen series into prime position in their lineup. How big is that built-in audience and is that audience alone enough to drive the impact I need? What steps might I need to take to get my investment fully in market and at the scale that we need to achieve our goals?

3. How will we ensure the audience is meaningful for our brand?
A big audience is great, but is it the right audience? How will my publisher and broadcast partners enable me to target various messages to different hard-to-reach segments? What data will be used to ensure my brand’s footprint is delivered without waste to consumers at various stages such as consideration or intent?

4. How will we use these engaging online storytelling vehicles to tell our own brand story?
A deep and compelling integration with the content means I’ll be able to tie my brand to the rich stories we’re signing up to sponsor. But how do we tell our own brand story? Since it’s not possible to convey the full, end-to-end narrative of our brand in just one sitting, how will my content partners help me make my own storytelling role as episodic and engaging as theirs?

5. How will we measure the business results?
This goes back to the first question. We bought into NewFronts content partly because of the really strong drinks and getting to rub shoulders with Brian Cranston – but mostly because we’re trying to drive a critical objective for our brand. What are the metrics and reporting I need to have in place to know whether my investment’s actually working, and importantly, whether I should invest at the same level (or a different level) the next time around.

We’re excited to see how even more brands are embracing digital content at the NewFronts this year. The investments brands are making this time around are bigger and bolder than ever. We’re wishing our brand customers and prospects at the NewFronts huge success – and as always, we’re eager to help drive a multiple of the results using a fraction of their existing content marketing budgets.


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