5 Takeaways from Altimeter’s New Report on Content Marketing

You may have seen Altimeter Group‘s latest report published last week entitled The Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions. Authored by Rebecca Lieb, the report is an insightful one that highlights the complexity of choosing the right mix of platforms and services to help your content marketing strategy fulfill its objectives. Here are some key takeaways we thought you would appreciate:

The vendor landscape is growing and thriving.

While it’s a well populated field, it’s the subtle, and not-so-subtle differences between vendors that need to be understood to make the right decision for your brand.

Plenty of overlap, but lots of specialization.

While many vendors offer some similar capabilities, there’s a high degree of complementarity between vendors in different categories.

Content marketing technology is diverse.

Altimeter outlines 8 distinct sub-categories of content marketing technologies – all of which are critical for brands to consider (see page 7).

Careful evaluation is essential for digital marketing leaders.

Altimeter offers a useful checklist to think through specific technology use cases and integration considerations (see page 12). This can be a big help in defining your requirements.

Content distribution and optimization solutions stand out in a crowded field.

Very few content marketing solutions are focused on helping you develop a large and meaningful audience, and even fewer are focused on optimizing the end business outcomes. These are the areas of content marketing that are nearest and dearest to our hearts – so of course let us know how we can help!

We hope you find the report useful and we’re honored and privileged to be helping leading global brands capitalize on the opportunities spotlighted in the report.


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