7 Roles That Could Make or Break Your Content Marketing Personalization Strategy


Maybe personalized content marketing is already a key component of your 2017 strategy, or maybe you’re getting started with content personalization and want to build a coalition of colleagues around to a personalization initiative. Either way, you’ll need to align the right stakeholders to pull it off. These folks may sit within multiple functions of your marketing organization—and since your customers’ experiences with your branded content happen across all channels, it’s important to build alliances with colleagues who have expertise across all customer touch points.

To give you a sense of which areas of expertise you’ll need to execute a content marketing personalization strategy, we’ve highlighted seven key people you’ll want to partner with or eventually hire for your personalization dream team. Additionally, here’s some guidance on how to work with each of them to execute your vision.

1. Brand-to-customer experience advocate
Your brand-to-customer experience advocates are obsessed with your customers and their experiences with your brand. From the hard numbers to strategic initiatives, they’re constantly asking, “How does this help our customer?” With 74% of consumers becoming frustrated with irrelevant content, these advocates should immediately understand the consequences of a lacking personalization strategy.

How to get them onboard: When building alliances with these advocates, start the conversation with your customers and how much better their experiences will be with personalized content. These team members get excited by stories and numbers, so be armed with both when talking about how your customers will embrace intelligent personalization. Invite them to be your partner as you work together to buck the status quo and deliver the experiences your customers demand and deserve.

2. Technical Guru
These people get paid the big bucks to make sure your new favorite SaaS product doesn’t take down your website and lose millions of dollars per minute while you’re at home eating dinner. They’re absolutely critical in bringing your optimal content personalization experience to life.

How to get them onboard: Respect their value to the process by being proactive in including them for project planning so they’re bought in to helping you realize your vision of a seamlessly individualized content marketing experience. Be specific in your asks of them. Many are highly analytical and want to know exactly how they can help. They’ll typically favor the quickest, lowest maintenance, most secure and highest reliability technical solutions for executing your ideal content personalization experience, so make sure to factor these things in when you ask for help.

3. Analytics and KPI keeper
These people are the keepers of all of marketing’s numbers. They’re trusted with the results of all marketing’s hard work to influence customers, and they’re critical in helping you build the business case for personalization and ultimately showcase the ROI.

How to get them onboard: Approach them early about joining your efforts to implement content marketing personalization. Chances are, you’ve worked with them before on a campaign, but getting their input early is paramount for shaping the ROI conversation you’re inevitably going to have with your executive team. Also, speak to the numbers. While they care about the qualitative response of your audience, they really want to know the data. Be buttoned up on what KPIs, tests and goals you have so they can be consultative with you on how to best frame the success story.

4. CRM master
These are your email and CRM experts. They’re always thinking of ways to engage your customers and retain them longer through relevant campaigns and evergreen email efforts. They have their fingers on the pulse of your customer by keeping a close eye on email metrics, and they’re always looking for ways to build on their success.

How to get them onboard: Share the cross-channel vision of your ideal customer experience for content marketing and show them how critical email is for that vision. Be very clear about what your proposed solution will take to get connected to your Email Service Provider or Marketing Automation Platform that helps them do their jobs. Metrics are the way to your CRM Master’s heart. Show them what the projected lifts are using personalization, and they can’t help but be interested.

5. Paid media wizard
These are your go-to people for distribution. They’re masters of getting your content out to the folks it’s most relevant for, and will be instrumental in the repeat engagement engine you’re building through your content marketing personalization initiative. You’ll often find them calculating campaign performance metrics and making media buys.

How to get them onboard: Share the vision with them and how important the paid media piece will be for getting people interested in your content at the beginning, and repeatedly bringing them back with intelligent retargeting. Metrics are always important to them. Share how their media will be more effective and could even be less expensive when they’re able to serve the most relevant content to each person they’re buying media for.

6. Content strategy visionary
These are the content marketing masterminds. They’re always thinking of the story to tell your customers and trying to maximize engagement with the brand. They are typically very experienced and have dabbled in everything including editorial strategy, distribution and owned media management.

How to get them onboard: They know how important content is to the customer journey because they are the ones creating it. If they’ve ever thought about the mountain of content they’ve created that’s sitting deep in your website hoping to be found by your customers, they’ll understand that personalization is an important step in maximizing the investment your company has made in content marketing.

7. Executive champion
These are the budget-holders, strategy-builders and most critical people to get buy-in from when taking on content marketing personalization as a business initiative. These are the folks that will help you achieve the vision of a truly individualized content marketing experience across channels.

How to get them onboard: Bring them in on an airtight strategy that outlines ROI and is directly tied to a business goal. When you pitch them, keep it at their level, tied to their goals and specific about the business impact. Lastly, keep them involved. Heavy-hitters like this tend to have dozens of priorities competing for their attention, so make sure you’re giving them regular updates on progress, where you need help and if things change. They’ll appreciate it and dig into specifics as they need to.

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