A Content Marketer’s Take on the Apple Watch

As a self-admitted Apple fangirl, I knew I had to have the Apple Watch as soon as it came out. And after a week with it on my wrist, I can see that it’s an undeniable game changer that will only get better as apps, brands and publishers catch up to the technology. To the naysayers who likely doubted the iPhone and iPad when they launched: take note. There is massive potential for content marketers to make good on the opportunities the Apple Watch has to offer.


The Apple Watch features great health/ wellness apps that monitor your daily activity and incentivize participation by letting users set goals. The user experience is everything you’d expect from an Apple product: it’s beautiful, intuitive and easy to use. Of course, thanks to the influx of fit-focused wearables like Nike Fuel Band, this kind of technology isn’t new, but Apple takes it one step further by linking it to users’ Apple IDs. This will give content marketers potential access to a wealth of information about users’ activities, buying patterns and more, allowing brands to further customize and tailor content for end users. On a screen this small, content has to be all about context and convenience, so think about ways you can reward users’ activity quickly and efficiently.


While neither Apple Pay or Passbook are new concepts, they both make so much more sense on the Watch. Apple Pay is accessible at the quick touch of a side button and is activated by just holding your watch near the POS system, making it almost frighteningly easy to use and way more accessible than ever before. Now, imagine having data on when and where someone is shopping, and link it back to events, loyalty programs, and more. It’s a perfect delivery system for custom coupons and offers, but also gives brands a level of insight about users’ interests, allowing them to guide them further through the purchase funnel based on their personal needs and habits.


Between maps/ navigation, hotel/ air reservations and travel reviews, there isn’t a shortage of apps to help you if you are getting around your own town, or taking a trip. Using a combination of iBeacons, NFC and geolocation technology, marketers will be able to know where consumers are in order to deliver the most applicable location-based content. While all of these things are also available on your phone, most people’s phone stays dark in their pocket or purse when traveling. With your second screen attached to your wrist (and buzzing you with notifications) the chances a consumer would pay attention to a relevantly placed piece of content increases greatly.

Sure the Apple Watch isn’t perfect. It has a steep learning curve and the battery life leaves something to be desired, but this is undoubtedly where the future (and future of marketing) is going. And while the Watch is currently focused on consumer adoption, monetization for brands is coming… and soon. Constraints like screen size and technology will force brands, app developers and publishers to rethink how content is delivered to the consumer, but the payoff has huge potential.



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