Ad Servers as Content Servers? Exactly!

Darren Herman, Chief Digital Media Officer of The Media Kitchen and Managing Director / Founder of kbs+ Ventures today wrote about a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts: the convergence of content and ad serving technology. In his blog post entitled “It’s Time for Next Generation Ad Servers“, Darren reimagines and redefines the next generation of ad server tech as “Content Servers”.

From the post:

“Ad Servers Are Content Servers. As the media agency model adopts owned/earned (they traditionally handle “paid”), the need for serving and tracking content emerges. The format of choice for traditional ad servers are banners but this will change and we see ad servers serving almost any sized unit. From this paragraph forward in the post, I use the word Content Servers as the new ad server.”

Darren’s spot on in thinking about ads as a form of content. As OneSpot converts owned and earned content into “spots” and then places them across thousands of sites using the programmatic ecosystem, we’re very much using the worldwide ad serving infrastructure as a worldwide content server.

Many customers think of OneSpot as the missing internet-wide CMS for their content marketing strategy.

By applying the capabilities of the current ad serving technology stack to content distribution, we’ve solved a big problem in scaling and targeting relative to the notion of traditional content marketing. And we’ve taken that solution one big step further by building technology to sequence content according to customer journey or purchase funnel stages.

Darren aptly recognizes we as an industry have far to go – and tomorrow’s ad technology stack will likely be radically different from what we have today. But reading the tea leaves being scattered around by the rise of content marketing and rapid innovation in programmatic, it’s clear ad tech evolution is poised to give brands and their agencies some powerful new capabilities for connecting with their customers.


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