How to Address the Headwinds Pushing Against the Personalization Era


A version of this post was originally published on LinkedIn.

We recently published a study with the Relevancy Group on the headwinds that are preventing marketers making bigger moves towards personalization:

  1. Lack of internal buy in (44%)
  2. Not a budget priority (26%)
  3. Do not believe it is better than manual versioning and Lack of resources (22% each)

#1 and #2 are closely connected, as the lack of buy in leads to a budget reprioritization. It seems that marketers do not all agree that personalization is better for their business. Maybe they prefer the broader, more mass marketing approach. More likely, the highly siloed nature of many US marketing organizations gets in the way of a collaborative approach that can fuel personalization. Personalization requires buy in and involvement from consumer insights, channels, IT, brand and analytics. It’s a daunting gauntlet to find agreement between these various factions.

The doubting Thomas’s should look at some of the case study results around personalized efforts where engagement rates always increase, oftentimes as much as 2-5X, and ROI improvements typically follow. Interestingly these case studies come from organizations that have a simple structure, or with an expert collaborator attuned to finding alignment across complex organizations.

Clearly personalization has a perception issue; it is still viewed as expensive to implement and not scalable. But in this era, with cloud-based machine learning, platforms can drive personalization efforts at a fraction of the cost of your current infrastructure, and be implemented in weeks. And there are massive benefits of moving toward dynamic personalization because the cost of production drops to a fraction of the cost of manual versioning off CMS platforms.

And on scalability, the integration of your DMP with CRM infrastructure combines the targeting of your customers, with reaching prospects that look alike. I would urge all marketers with a focus on content to bring up content personalization onto their 2017 roadmap and priority.

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