OneSpot Answers Marketers’ Pressing Needs for Better Intelligence on Content Performance with Active Content Intelligence


Content marketing works and marketers have hopped on the bandwagon. For example, as far back as 2014 Kraft Foods measured a 4X better ROI through content marketing than through traditional advertising, and today results like these are driving brands to create more content than ever before. Some estimates show a 300% increase in year over year content creation.

Marketing organizations continue to scale and accelerate the publication and distribution of content across channels. While brands that truly understand the customer journey are seeing great success, overall consumer engagement remains flat despite this influx of content. In fact, an estimated 70% of the content generated by marketing never gets used and industry analysts have found that 5% of branded content created garners 90% of the engagement via views, clicks and social shares. Said another way, 95% of your content may have amounted to a lot of wasted time, energy, and resources.

All too often, marketers are working to produce compelling content but are doing so in the dark, without the kind of content performance insights they need to understand the characteristics of content that drives engagement and action.  At OneSpot, we’re taking a new approach to content intelligence, providing keen marketers with detailed analyses to increase the effectiveness of their content. This includes providing insight into previous unknowns like audience engagement and conversion across content themes, topics, types and sources. We call this sophisticated solution Active Content Intelligence.

Active Content Intelligence: A Deep Dive Into Content Performance

To make more effective decisions on future content strategy development plans, marketers need to understand how content influences customer action. Each piece of content has a set of unique characteristics that contribute to its performance. Active Content Intelligence helps marketers understand those characteristics at both the page and topic level.

Active Content Intelligence looks at content performance across five key metrics:

  1. Views – This equates to your website traffic
  2. Engaged views – A viewer that scrolls more than 25% of the page and spends more than 30 seconds on that page
  3. Engaged time – The time a reader spends actively engaging with content (indicated by mouse movement, scroll, click, etc.)
  4. Recirculation rate – The rate at which that visitor goes to a second piece of content
  5. Conversion action rate – The rate at which that visitor takes an important action, such as registers for a newsletter or clicks on a ‘buy now’ button.

Based on this data set, marketers can determine:

  • High performing topics around which to develop more content
  • Adjacent topics or new areas to develop content in
  • Which channels are more or least effective for content engagement
  • Which topics attract exceptionally high or low interest, and what kind of content captures interest vs. retains it
  • Which content characteristics, such as topic, type or source, are particularly effective at driving content success

These insights give marketers a content-first view into which parts of their content strategy are performing well, along with actionable recommendations on how to seize opportunities for improvement in order to increase audience reach and engagement.

The Formula for Active Content Intelligence

OneSpot’s Individualization Platform makes Active Content Intelligence possible by providing a normalized view of how content is performing based on the characteristics of the content itself. Here’s a quick look at how Active Content Intelligence works to uncover the drivers of true audience engagement:

  1. Natural language processing: OneSpot uses natural language processing to read all of your content. This allows us to normalize the data and evaluate performance to give a clear report on how the content itself is performing, and not simply the page on which it resides.
  2. Semantic topic identification: Our platform distills semantic topics from both text and images and then connects those topics to content engagement metrics—views, engaged views, recirculation rate and conversion KPIs. Brands can use these metrics to evaluate how both the content and topics perform across channels.
  3. Quality scoring: We create a weighted score for every piece of content and topic based on the four ingredients above, with the weighting tilted towards recirculation and conversion. Brands can easily compare content performance against site goals, and see how topics are generating engagement across different audiences, traffic sources, and platforms.
  4. On-demand insights coupled with industry expertise: Gain access to near real-time content performance metrics as well as OneSpot’s roster of industry experts and veteran content strategists who bring deep experience pioneering effective methods of measuring content performance. These analytics specialists produce and hand-deliver the insights and strategic implications derived by Active Content Intelligence.

As a result of Active Content Intelligence, marketers get a deeper level of understanding about which topics are resonating, how individual pieces of content are driving conversion actions, and opportunities for strategic SEO and content development improvements. To learn more about our new Active Content Intelligence offering, contact us.


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