These 5 brands made the most out of Instagram in 2015

In news that’ll surprise no one, Instagram’s growth has doubled since being acquired by Facebook. What is surprising is that teens and young adults are fleeing Facebook in favor of the photo sharing platform. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to step up your Instagramming like these brands have.

The action cam company is unique in that most of its content is curated rather than created. And unlike like the typical marketing exercise leveraging user-generated content, every image GoPro publishes reflects on the quality of its product. When you look at the stunning shots in its feed, it’s easy to see why GoPro has almost 7X the engagement of brands on Instagram.

While you could argue that photos of shoes and coffee cups aren’t that compelling,  719,000 TOMS followers will prove you wrong. Case in point: last May 296,243 people posted pics of their bare feet with a campaign hashtag, all to give children in need 592,486 shoes. It’s a great example of how online communities can positively impact physical ones.

To show us what the future holds — and promote its new electric car — BMW uploaded a :15 hyperlapse video with more than 200 predictions. They then encouraged followers to pause at will. This simple idea was a big hit with Instagrammers. It saw 52% more comments and likes than the average post, and became the second most-popular Instagram video of all time.

2015 seemed to be the year of the mosaic, where many tiles make up a single image. Probably the best example of this would be Ballentine’s W, the whisky maker’s so-called Instazine. The whole thing is pretty ingenious. You can scroll down the feed to see stories and click specific images to dive in.

Oddly enough, the most interesting thing Target did with Instagram didn’t happen on Instagram. It happened on Target’s College Styler microsite, where students could connect their Instagram account. Once granted access, the forward-thinking retailer used an algorithm to analyze visual data and make personalized dorm decor recommendations (based on the user’s most commonly snapped colors).

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