These 4 brands used Periscope like no one else in 2015

When Meerkat blew up at last year’s SXSW, you just knew brands were going to flock to live streaming. That potential for revenue is likely what prompted Twitter to quickly acquire Meerkat’s competitor Periscope. In its first six months, the app attracted a staggering number of users — 10 million, to be exact. It’s also attracted its fair share of brands.

General Electric
GE was an early user of Periscope, just as it has been with many emerging platforms. One of its initial efforts was previewing Bill Nye’s appearance on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio. While that was a nice warm up, #DRONEWEEK is where the corporate giant really shined. It kitted out commercially available drones to take viewers on live tours of five different GE facilities, showing off everything from a wind farm to a jet engine plant.

Ralph Lauren
Periscope also has become a fast favorite of many fashion brands. DKNY showed off its design studio’s closet while Marc Jacobs himself held a live Q&A after his Resort ’16 fashion show. But no label has gone as all-in as Ralph Lauren did in September. Not content to merely stream their New York Fashion Week show to people’s phones, they beamed the live feed to a billboard in London’s Piccadilly Circus (the British Times Square).

Frito-Lay has been pretty inventive in its Periscoping. Their U.S.-based marketing team used the platform to host a game show called Doritos Roulette, where viewers were randomly chosen to “spin” a wheel for fun and prizes. Not to be outdone, the Canadian marketing team followed up with a 12-hour stream of stuff being destroyed by cannons (ostensibly to promote their new Doritos Collisions).

While some brands have employed Periscope to share behind-the-scenes moments, Adidas has taken that to the nth degree. Last March, the footwear company actually live streamed Real Madrid’s James Rodríguez signing a contract extension with the brand. While that sounds a little niche, you can bet Nike would’ve done the same with Jordan if they could’ve.

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