5 Supercharged Branded Content Hubs and Their Unique Superpowers


Content these days is completely hit or miss when it comes to quality and relevance. Let’s be honest: How many times have you read the same blog post on any random topic? Even worse, how many times have you been presented with an email from your favorite brand and felt compelled to immediately delete it because it was boring, irrelevant or just too self-promotional?

Thank goodness there are plenty of companies out there who are doing just the opposite—creating amazing content destinations with useful content that their audience wants on a regular basis.

To wrap up another year of content marketing insights, we picked five of 2016’s best content marketing hubs that truly showcase the essence of brand-owned content. These brands have clearly invested in developing high-quality content destinations to supercharge their content marketing strategies, encouraging meaningful conversations and experiences for audiences. They are killing it as publishers, driving conversions and awareness as a result.

Below we break down what makes these branded content hubs special and the unique superpowers that are supercharging their content strategies.

American Express: Business Trends and Insights

Business Trends and Insights remains the beloved content marketing hub that content marketers have grown to admire, and small business owners continue to adore it as well. This financial services hub is a well-known online resource that continues to deliver on the three things that matter most when it comes to owning a small business: growth, revenue and customer acquisition. AmEx’s superpower resides in its omnichannel approach to content delivery. The new native app improves the mobile experience immensely and dramatically enhanced how and when users access the content. Rather than having to browse the mobile version for relevant content, users can pre-select subject areas they’re interested in and the app delivers the most relevant articles and insights at the most opportune times of the day.

Unique superpower: Business Trends and Insights possesses the power of seamless content delivery across channels for enhanced relevancy.

Whole Foods Market: Whole Story

Whole Foods is the market leader when it comes to nutritious grocery options. Over the last 36 years, the company has built a brand based on quality and consumer value, amassing a vast portfolio of recipes and nutrition-related content featuring healthy, delicious ingredients and dishes for consumers to enjoy and ultimately shop for. Most of this content lives on the Whole Foods content marketing hub, Whole Story. But aside from having a rich library of assets for people to consume, what makes this content marketing hub great is how Whole Foods uses the content to attract its ideal audience and drive repeat engagement. Whole Foods uses content sequencing across various channels to supercharge its strategy, displaying individually-targeted content recommendations to consumers. As a result, the brand has been able to drive a 40%+ repeat engagement rate and 34 million targeted impressions to its recipe pages.

Unique superpower: Whole Story is immensely strong in content sequencing to drive repeat engagement with a highly targeted audience.

L’Oréal: Makeup.com and Hairstyle.com

As the world’s biggest and most recognizable beauty brand, L’Oréal could stick to a standard advertising approach to reach consumers. Instead, the brand has unveiled a unique set of editorial superpowers through high-quality content, design and partnerships with beauty influencers to engage millions of fans, followers and subscribers via Makeup.com and Hairstyle.com. L’Oréal has a strong editorial voice that permeates throughout content that consists of beauty trend reporting, news, tutorials and DIYs. Additionally, the content has been able to exude a level of expertise and authenticity without “overselling” L’Oréal products. We’re delighted to see how the company has used a strong editorial approach to engage consumers beyond just their wallets.

Unique superpower: Makeup.com and Hairstyle.com leverage supernatural editorial knowledge to deliver expert-level content that remains relatable to the audience.

Intel: iQ

While Intel’s content tops the charts in terms of quality, what truly stands out about its hub, iQ, is the brand’s targeted approach to content marketing. Rather than simply use the content to generate traffic, Intel has devised a smart content distribution strategy designed to attract a very targeted set of engaged viewers, specifically “everyday tech enthusiasts.” Intel’s superpower is in its investment in machine learning based content engagement technology to ensure the brand is getting its content in front of a tech-friendly audience. With pre-defined audience segments and contextual content placement, Intel can determine which users are engaging with iQ content and then optimize its retargeting efforts to attract more of the right audience.

Unique superpower: iQ takes advantage of the all-powerful abilities of machine learning to optimize content distribution and retargeting.

Purina: Petcentric.com

We can’t get enough cat memes, and neither can the internet. Purina capitalized on this trend with the creation of Petcentric.com, a content hub dedicated to pet owners and all the things animal lovers ever need to stay informed and entertained. To supercharge its content marketing, Purina has developed an all-inclusive content destination that encompasses key insights on breeds, pet adoption and pet care. Alongside the educational content, Petcentric.com includes entertaining photos, videos and stories that truly embrace the joys of pet ownership. We love how Purina has created a welcoming place for pet lovers to connect with each other and the brand without pushing Purina products.

Unique superpower: Petcentric.com exercises creative editorial to produce content that resonates with animal lovers of all kinds, attracting a diverse audience with relatable and useful content.

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