How 4 brands embraced Periscope to enliven their content marketing

For years, live streaming has been the social web’s AAAA player. A “can’t miss” prospect, hyped up as “the next big thing” year-after-year, only to flame-out once reaching the big leagues.

That was until 2015, when the next wave of mobile-first, native app, live-streaming call-ups stepped up to the plate. And unlike their predecessors, these rookies, namely Periscope—the Twitter-owned streaming app launched in March (alongside scrappy, but smaller, rival Meerkat)—are hitting with enough power to stick around.

Until this moment, live-streaming platforms were trying to hit a Major League fastball with a Wiffle Ball bat. Now, with the evolution in technology and content consumption habits, they’ve got a shot—because at least they are holding a solid, full-sized bat.

“Live-streaming apps have been around for years, but there wasn’t mass consumer appeal. You couldn’t whip out your iPhone if you happened to be on the scene of a fire. Now the hardware is there, the network connections are there.”

-Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour

Big-league brands—the established players and perennial all-stars of marketing (and often the most skeptical of a rookie platform)—are scouting the flashy, young upstarts and launching their own experiments.

Let’s catch up with how smart content marketers are embracing Periscope to create compelling content in a world where mobile is everything, video is exploding and audiences are increasingly engaging in-the-moment with creators (and the content itself).


In addition to being the fastest growing mobile carrier in America, T-Mobile has become, perhaps, the fastest brand to dive headfirst into Periscope—broadcasting with gusto on a near-daily basis.

“Video is really what consumers are looking for and long for, and now you’re able to give it to them in real time,” Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile’s senior vice-president for marketing, told the Associated Press. 

Fueled by the energy, and accessibility, of CEO John Legere (and his now-legendary Twitter feed), T-Mobile has embraced live streaming to launch new features, answer questions (in numerous Q-and-A sessions with Legere and other executives), call out their competition and guide customers through interactive demos of new devices.

Heck, before their latest earnings call, they even shared behind-the-scenes access to a board room full of executives.

Brash and unfiltered, Legere thrives in the live streams, feeding off the comments, questions and steady stream of hearts the audience sends his way. In a recent broadcast, Legere recapped an eventful week for T-Mobile, grinning ear-to-ear as he shared the exciting news…all while jogging along a train in New York’s Central Park.

“The FCC is going to be watching, so the big guys—dumb and dumber, big and bigger, shitty and shittier—are not going to be able to figure out ways to game the system,” Legere explained a recent FCC ruling to viewers during a recent Periscope stream while jogging through New York’s Central Park.

Doritos—Roulette Live

Frito-Lay tapped Periscope to help promote a new, limited-time product, Doritos Roulette, broadcasting an interactive game show called, you betcha, ”Doritos Roulette Live” as a piece of an integrated social media blitz.

Six times throughout the day on June 30, Doritos invited their followers into the stream, giving viewers a chance to win prizes depending on the results of a theme-appropriate roulette spin.

“Periscope is the hottest new social platform, and even though it is in its infancy, having a presence allows Doritos to position itself as a young, savvy brand to Millennials,” Guillaume Lelait, general manager at Fetch, a mobile advertising agency told Mobile Marketer. “Including a roulette style game-play aspect to the campaign is valuable because it leverages the immediacy of social media and increases the likelihood of fan engagement.”

St. Germain—Peep Show

Embracing the fleeting nature of the streaming app, Barcardi-owned St. Germain mixed up an enticing cocktail with Periscope last month. Enlisting director Floria Sigismondi and “New Girl” actress Hannah Simone, St. Germain created a Paris-inspired, old-fashioned “peep show” (mostly safe for work) and streamed six, two-minute broadcasts live throughout the day—all of which disappeared after 24 hours.

“It offers people an interactive view into other people’s’ lives. It’s a hybrid form of voyeurism that’s developing with the technology,”Sigismondi said to Adweek. “It fills the appetite for the instant, while capturing a fleeting moment.”

Part of a larger marketing effort to push St. Germain as an upscale brand suited for the “day life,” by creating content tailored for the medium the brand unlocked a “live and provocative reminder to the world to stop and savor a moment of fleeting beauty before it passes,” according to Michelle Beauchamp, vp of marketing at St-Germain.

Because there is no lasting record of this Periscope peep show, this making-of video will have to do in perpetuity.

GE—Drone Week

Step aside Shark Week (and the cable-TV era), your reign of terror is over. Instead, meet “Drone Week,” the invention of the innovative content marketers at General Electric, and perhaps heir to the throne in this, the live-streaming era. Streamed via Periscope across five days last month, GE’s “Drone Week” beamed unprecedented access to a handful of it’s impressive facilities with live, drone-guided tours.

“When you give people a peek behind the curtain, they fall in love with the company,” Sam Olstein, GE’s director of innovation, told Digiday. “We’re treating it as a week long show where we stitch together a narrative to demonstrate the scale, size and impact of our machines.”

The engineers of compelling content at GE have been experimenting with Periscope since it’s launch. Past efforts have also focused on behind-the-scenes access, including an interview with science rockstars Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“Video is one of the best formats today for storytelling,” said Olstein. “But the media landscape today is so incredibly fragmented that we need to be discoverable wherever there is an audience.”


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