Content Helps Tie Marketing & PR Together

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a webinar on how marketing and PR combine for success. Be sure to check out the webinar as well as AirPR’s stellar recap.

The panel was made up of some great experts covering a wide range of perspectives including Sheryl Pattek (VP, Principal Analyst serving CMO Professionals, Forrester), Emily Dunlop (Senior Vice President, PPR), Marissa Aydlett (Chief Marketing Officer, Appboy), Andrea Huspeni (Articles Editor, Entrepreneur) and Rebekah Iliff (Chief Strategy Officer, AirPR).

While no one would want for marketing and PR to operate in silos, sometimes it’s not always obvious where to find the most fertile common ground. And while I’m certainly biased, I find that content often does serve a key point of convergence for marketing and PR.

Here are a few soundbites from Twitter that give you a sense of content’s importance in bringing and keeping marketing and PR together:

And while there are many other points of convergence for effective marketing and PR, content very often has a lot of connection with those overlaps too. Consider social media for example: how effective can brands be without fueling their social activities with great content? How about that great piece of “earned content” that PR scored? What can marketing do to support that great win with paid media or have it delivered in series with owned content? Questions like these and many more were discussed in depth in the webinar. I encourage you to check it out and share with others.

Your thoughts on content’s role in uniting marketing and PR? Sound off in the comments!


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