Content Marketing Continuing to Grow

This past week the Custom Content Council’s recent results from its 2013 Content Marketing Spending Study. As you could expect, the study reinforced the growing interest and investment in branded content as part of the marketing mix. Some of our favorite stats from the highlight reel are:

  • Marketing budgets are heading up 13.7% year over year, and content will make up 37% of that spending plan.
  • The average per company content marketing budget is more than $1.8 million (annual).
  • More than half (52%) of content marketing dollars are spent on people.
  • Content creation accounts for 32% of content marketing spending, while distribution accounts for 18%.
  • Top motivations for content marketing we’re Customer Education, Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty.

Once again, Content Marketing is at the top of the marketing priority list and is showing tremendous commitment from marketers and their agencies. Are the stats above reflective of your own content marketing footprint? Sound off in the comments!


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