Content Marketing: Why You Should Make It Personal [Infographic]

This infographic was originally published in MarTech Advisor.

Back in the day, a simple “Dear NAME” at the beginning of an email or in a subject line used to be enough to capture people’s attention from their inbox. But today’s consumers have much higher expectations of brands when it comes to the content they deliver.

Some 74% of consumers go as far as to say they feel frustrated by irrelevant content. But when brands get personalization right, 56% of consumers state they would reward the brand’s relevance with a purchase. Studies have also found that personalization pays off when it comes to consumer engagement—marketers have reported a 56% higher engagement rate and 43% more customer conversions as a result of content personalization.

How are content marketers applying personalization to get these results? Check out this infographic to find out more about how personalization is changing the way organizations think about reaching consumers.


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