Getting Lost in Content Marketing? Use These Maps!

With Content Marketing now recognized as the #1 priority among B2C and B2B marketers, there is an unending wave of voices to listen to and ideas to consider. When you’re lost though, it’s always best to consult a map. So we’re fortunate there are a few brave content cartographers who have attempted to spatially organize how the field is laid out.

Following are a few content marketing landscape maps that should help you navigate your way to success. Note: We’re working on our own that’s different and will publish that here when it’s ready.

MediaLink / Dee Salomon
Over at Myers Media Business Network, Dee Salomon, SVP at MediaLinkdefines “Content Tech” as a category and has put together a conceptual framework for how all the key players are organized.

Curata / Pawan Deshpande
Pawan, CEO of content curation platform Curata, put together this panoramic view of content marketing tools organized by problem scope. He goes the extra mile by including a description and link for every company referenced in the map.

Content Amp / Dale Lovell
Dale Lovell, Publishing Director for Content Amp, a content strategy and development firm based in the UK. While market landscapes typically follow a more terrestrial metaphor, Dale aptly places his view of content marketing solutions where they typically live – in the cloud(s).

There you have it, three unique and thoughtful views on how the world of content marketing is organized. Which one do you find most useful, and have you seen others we should include here? Sound off in the comments!


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