Content Marketing Spotlight: Health and Fitness


As consumers look for ways to live longer and healthier, health and wellness topics are finding their way into nearly every brand category. Brands are developing food-related content tied to aging and stress management, sleep-related content linked to productivity and beauty and fitness content related to supporting mental agility. Brands across verticals have many opportunities to frame themselves in terms of wellness.

This presents an enormous opportunity for brands to become a trusted resource on a variety of wellness topics, especially those that inform and educate consumers. Our data shows that consumers find content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) to be the most valuable. For this reason, content marketers should be striving to create more educational and informative content in the form of how-to content, tutorials, recipes or data-driven content to attract and engage audiences.

For a closer look at how brands can leverage health and wellness content to reach and attract consumers, let’s examine the content marketing strategies from 24 Hour Fitness and Vitamix.

24 Hour Fitness Offers Wellness Hacks, Workout Tips and Storytelling

24 Hour Fitness aims to be more than your go-to workout facility—the brand wants to be the trusted lifestyle resource for everyday health and wellness guidance across a variety of areas, from workouts and weight loss to nutrition and sleep. The brand leverages its content hub 24Life to deliver unique content across these categories and more.

24 Hour Fitness may be most known for being a workout destination, so it makes perfect the sense that the brand would deliver expertly developed content on workout routines and weightlifting. In addition, 24Life offers readers a plethora of stories to capture consumers’ attention.

Audiences of all ages are captivated by the power of a good story. When it comes to health and wellness content, stories can make a major impact on the way readers respond to your brand. 24Life expands its library of content by offering stories that go beyond standard workout success stories and into the other everyday topics that can engage a broader set of readers.

For example, a story on a digital detox appeals to anyone and everyone who uses a digital device (or all of 24Life’s readers who are engaging with the digital content hub). In addition to using the writer’s personal experience to captivate readers, the piece offers prescriptive advice via a daily detox route for those who also want to take a short breather from technology.

Vitamix Educates and Inspires for Weight Loss and Wellbeing

As a blender manufacturer, Vitamix has a natural place in the recipe content marketing space. The brand’s website includes a vast recipe library chock-full of things you can make with the Vitamix blender as your culinary sidekick. But Vitamix takes its content strategy beyond recipes and food content and into more inspirational culinary and wellbeing topics.

In the spirit of the tagline “feed your life”, the Vitamix culinary and wellbeing content hub aims to be “a trusted companion on your culinary journey, wherever it may lead”.

Each section of the content hub—“Better Me” for self improvement tips, “Root to Stem” for farm-to-table food trends and “Exploration” for food-based storytelling—starts with inspirational pieces aimed ot pique readers’ interest without distracting (or potentially deterring) customers with product-driven recipes. For more engaged readers who want to go deeper with the brand (and literally deeper into the content by scrolling down the page), the brand presents them with recipes that align with the essence of the topics covered in the inspirational section.

For example, a story on the importance of clean eating in the ”Better Me” content section drives engaged readers to articles on related topics like juicing tips and making the transition to a clean eating lifestyle with topical recipes.

Vitamix and 24 Hour Fitness are just two brands that have successfully leveraged their leadership in the health and fitness space to attract and engage consumers via inspirational and educational content. These brands and others have an opportunity to combine this content marketing strategy with individualization to drive consumer action to purchase or sign up when presented with hyper-relevant content experiences.

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