Content Marketing Spotlight: How TD Bank Is Helping Customers Ring in the New Year with Financial Services Content


For many of us, the new year means new financial goals and approaches to taxes, savings, and financial planning. But we’re not all financially savvy. No matter what stage of life you’re in, there are many financial aspects to consider–from dealing with student loans and making a large purchase like a house to managing credit scores and retirement planning. With such a large swath of wallet (literally) and mind share for customers, financial services brands have a real opportunity to educate them, while earning their trust and loyalty along the way.

With the new year upon us, we’ve been excited to see how financial services brands are helping customers ring in the new year with content that helps them find clarity on complex financial topics. One we’re loving lately is TD Bank, and here’s why.

Taking a Multimedia Approach to Financial Education

While written content is probably the most popular medium for content creators, research has found that visual content (infographics, animated content, and video, for example) are more engaging and compelling, helping customers better retain information.

Infographics alone have already been proven to be more effective than blog posts at capturing attention, reaching 54% more readers than blog posts and having a completion rate of 73% (compared to 66% for blog posts). And we’ve all heard (and perhaps even experienced) how video has become a preferred content type for consumers. 80% of millennials use online videos when researching a purchasing decision, and 40% of consumers visited a brand’s site after seeing a sponsored video.

TD Bank is a great example of a financial services brand using various forms of media, including written content, videos, and infographics, to educate customers and help them retain detailed bites of financial news and planning best practices. One exceptional example is from the brand’s MoneyTalk Life blog on which the brand shares snappy stories and tips for financial considerations for nearly any aspect of one’s life, from dream retirement spots to honeymoon saving tips and, of course, tax planning.

Becoming a Trusted News Source with Brand Publishing

As customers’ expectations have evolved to prefer more personalized and informative content experiences from brands (versus traditional advertising), marketers have also evolved their approach to deliver more high-quality valuable content, and at a rate that’s scalable and efficient. That’s why many brands have taken a media publishing approach by hiring content creation talent with journalistic chops to deliver content in various formats and optimize it to attract target customers.

TD Bank takes a similar brand publishing approach with MoneyTalk, which at first glance reminds you of a typical web-based news site. The topics are timely and newsworthy, which automatically makes the brand seem relevant and “in the know.” And the news-oriented topics go deeper than financial planning education; they are aimed to keep customers informed on the financial market so they can feel confident and prepared when making financial decisions. What’s more, TD incorporates video and multimedia to help the stories stick.

Opening Opportunities for Content Individualization

With such a robust content hub of timely and versatile stories, TD Bank has a unique opportunity to serve up content to its users in a more individualized way. Users visiting TD Bank’s site and MoneyTalk blog are likely in different stages of life with different financial planning needs. By tailoring the content on the site based on their individual needs and interests, TD Bank can deliver a more personally relevant experience, which will ultimately drive engagement and help deepen relationships with customers.

For a closer look at how another financial services brand is leveraging content individualization to reach and engage consumers, check out the content marketing spotlight on Ally Bank.


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