Content Marketing Spotlight: USAA


Similar to the financial services industry, insurance and investment services is another sector that can seem cumbersome and confusing to the broader consumer base. For example, think about your own insurance policies. Do you know which brands you work with? Do you know your deductibles off the top of your head? We all should, but half the country still can’t define a deductible.

For years insurance companies have relied on traditional advertising with catchy jingles and slogans to remain top of mind. But as the insurance space becomes more competitive, brands need to rely more on delivering content of value (over pure entertainment) in order to captivate loyal consumers.

USAA is one brand that’s using content marketing strategically to support its many products—spanning insurance, banking and investment services—and attracting and captivating customers.

Building a Community of Knowledge

Studies show consumers prefer content that educates them, especially over content that’s purely designed to entertain (similar to how traditional TV campaigns can seem). And when content educates consumers at the right moment, they are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately. For the insurance and financial services industries in particular, knowledge is critical to ensure consumers are educated enough to understand and trust the brands they are doing business with.

USAA leans into education to share a wealth of financial resources and to connect current and prospective customers with the broader community. The USAA Stories content hub is a knowledge center for both USAA-product articles and blog posts on highly searched topics as well as forums for community questions and answers. The hub serves up personalized content across a variety of financial planning verticals, appealing to a broad audience with targeted content during the customer’s moment of educational need.

Creating Dedicated Opportunities for Learning

In addition to building a hub for ongoing education and community conversation, USAA is using content to deliver hyper-focused learning opportunities and simplify some of the most stressful processes for its audience. For example, buying a home is usually one of the most confusing and stressful life events that anyone can endure. USAA has made the process more transparent by giving customers visibility into the process with educational content. The brand’s home-buying learning center serves as a one-stop shop for all home-buying and mortgage questions and best practices.

Each article gives readers a clear-cut overview of what the content will cover and what they will learn. This suggests to readers that USAA values their time and doesn’t want to waste it with link bait or content that isn’t immediately relevant to the home-buying learning center, especially since there are many steps to buying (or selling) a home. By helping readers cut through the clutter and understand exactly what they can expect from a piece of content, USAA is helping customers build confidence and trust in the brand.

Using Storytelling to Humanize the Brand

Storytelling can help insurance and financial services brands stand out in genuine, human, and authentic ways. However, the challenge these brands often face is that good content ideas are often buried under the complexities of insurance and financial products. USAA found a unique storytelling angle within its own member audience and uses video to bring the stories to life.

The brand primarily serves people and families who have served the military. To celebrate individuals from their community and share their stories, USAA has an ongoing YouTube video series that captures the stories of the military community and their tattoos. Each bite-sized video in the web series tells an engaging story without pushing USAA as the maker behind the series. Using this approach, USAA is able to leverage storytelling to relate to a core group of its target audience and appeal to the tattoo enthusiasts that value YouTube as a medium for entertainment.

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