Content Marketing: Timing is Everything

“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.”

-Joshua Harris, author

That quote is from a respected author on dating and relationships. But it couldn’t be more true in a marketing context. After all, as we go about our daily marketing lives, aren’t we really trying to make ourselves attractive to others, building mutually fulfilling relationships and pursuing long-term commitments?

That’s why today we’re excited to announce our new Content Sequencing Engine. This new component of our platform brings customers the ability to use large portfolios of content to enable multi-stage brand storytelling. How? Building upon our existing targeting and distribution capabilities, the new engine intelligently sequences content placements according to stages in the customer journey.

By analyzing and organizing content according to different stages of the customer journey, OneSpot delivers the right content to the right audience, with just the right timing.

For brands, that means being able to target, for example, brand positioning content to earlier stage customers or target purchase planning tools or offer content to later stage “intenders.”

We’re excited for many reasons, but due in large part to the fact that this new capability represents an industry first in using the power of programmatic advertising to make content marketing work more intelligently.

Or to get a full demo of our platform and a peek at how your content can play a more prominent role in cultivating customer relationships click here.


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