Content Marketing Tricks for a Scary Good Halloween


Similar to newsjacking, in which content teams are able to capitalize on current events to boost relevance within marketing channels, holiday jacking is another approach where content marketers can leverage an upcoming holiday to drive engagement with consumers. By effectively targeting your content to upcoming holidays, you can capture the interest of consumers who are attuned to the season.

With Halloween approaching next week, we’ve got ghouls, goblins, scary movies and costumes on the brain, and it’s been fun seeing how brands are holiday jacking to align their content with the trendy topics consumers are searching for as they partake in the spookiest day of the year.

Here are a few examples of scary good Halloween-themed content that marketers can develop to embrace the holiday.

Halloween how-tos

Research indicates that people place the most value on content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) them. This is why content marketers are developing educational and informative content in the form of how-to content, tutorials, recipes or data-driven content.

In the spirit of holiday jacking, Nestlé is one brand that has leveraged consumers’ desire to search for Halloween-inspired recipes as a way to engage and attract them to their products. These spooky and creative Halloween recipes are chock full of high-quality instructions and support Nestlé’s approach to personalization. The site serves up recipes based on user characteristics, making the content personalized and relevant to the viewer.

Babble is another brand that has curated some its best DIYs for holiday decor and party ideas. These clever ideas spark creativity and imagination for Babble’s family-oriented audience of crafty parents looking to create fun Halloween-themed decor.

Halloween-themed stories and recommendations

When the season is nigh, nearly everyone gets into the spirit, including everyday consumer brands. For brands like Casper and Condé Nast Traveller, the approach to holiday-themed content marketing is about integrating the holiday with the brand’s voice and storytelling.

Casper, an online mattress company, finds cute and entertaining ways to spice up its blog Pillow Talk with Halloween fun with posts such as “5 Ways to Dress Up and Still Stay in Bed” and “The Top 6 Snooziest Halloween Costumes.” The content is hyper relevant to the holiday, but the stories still align with the brand’s sleep-focused content strategy.

For Condé Nast Traveller, the holiday is an opportunity to develop timely and thematic content that aligns with the Halloween buzz. The brand gives posts about cities and travel recommendations a Halloween spin, like with “The 10 Best Halloween Cities in America” and “17 Places to Visit the Dead This Halloween.”

Holidays like Halloween give brands an opportunity to benefit from the attention that surrounds the holiday. By borrowing a few of these tricks from top brands, you’ll be able to delight your audience with some scary good content.

On top of developing content to capitalize on current events to boost relevance, marketing teams should have an always-on mentality when it comes to delivering relevant, personalized content experiences year-round. Why? Brands that don’t personalize content risk alienating consumers because 45% won’t spend time with irrelevant content. And studies show there’s real ROI for brands that focus on personalization—78% say personalization increases purchase intent and 50% would pay even more for products if the brand delivered a personalized content experience.

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