Sessions to be Excited About: Content Marketing World 2016

CMWorld 2016 kicks off tomorrow in Cleveland and we couldn’t be more excited! With over 80 sessions and workshops for leading brand marketers, we’re looking forward to learning and networking with the best and brightest in content marketing. From content personalization and engagement strategies to content ROI and measurement frameworks, we’ve hand-picked the sessions we are most excited about:

Day 1: Wednesday, September 7

10:30 a.m. – Getting The Executive Buy-In for Content Marketing
Featuring Deana Goldasich, CEO of Well Planned Web

In this session, you’ll learn ways to arm yourself with winning strategies to get buy-in from your executive team for your content marketing programs. Attendee takeaways:

  • How to assess where your executive team stands on understanding content marketing
  • What will resonate most with your specific executives — the “light bulb” moments
  • How to tackle the inevitable ROI discussion
  • What fears and motives often blur executives’ view of content marketing
  • How to ensure continued buy-in over time

2:15 p.m. – The Biggest Challenges and Opportunities in Content Marketing: a Q&A with leading technology marketers
Featuring a panel of thought leaders from Content Marketing Institute, Percolate, Skyword, SnapApp, PulsePoint and GoToWebinar

Hear from technology leaders as they share which brands are truly succeeding at both marketing technology and with content marketing.

Why aren’t marketers committing to their technology, or their content? What are the biggest challenges to overcome and opportunities to take as brands evolve their marketing operations into one that’s increasingly powered by technology.

3:20 p.m. – Content Marketing is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It and Tie It to Real Business Results
Featuring Robert Rose, Chief Content Advisor of the Content Marketing Institute

In this session, you’ll learn about a successful content marketing approach, understand the actual business strategy of content marketing and discover how to fix content marketing to get to real, demonstrable business value.

Day 2: Thursday, September 8

10:00 a.m. – Audience Building through Strategic Targeting, Retargeting & Sequencing
Featuring Bryan Rhoads, iQ Founder and Chief Strategist at Intel

Building the right audience is central to ROI. Advances in media technology, cookie pooling, content syndication, look-a-like audiences, retargeting, etc allow for highly targeted content and messages aimed at building audiences for your business & brand.

In this session, you’ll cover:

  • A media technology primer
  • Mapping content strategies to media targets
  • Content franchises, lenses and sequencing
  • Strategic Audience building – Intel, Vice and the Creators Project
  • Intel iQ’s strategy and examples

10:00 a.m. – How to (Finally) Solve the Attribution Problem: Drive Real ROI for your Business with Content Marketing
Featuring Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NewsCred

People engage with 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase. Whether you’re a performance or brand marketer, one fact is true: content drives business results. But how do you prove it? How do you make content marketing the most valuable department in your organization? During NewsCred’s session, you’ll learn how to keep your audience engaged with a content strategy that is uniquely differentiated from the rest and get practical tips to:

  • Connect content to revenue, focus on the right business goals, and prove ROI
  • Create content your audience actually wants and will read again, and again
  • Develop owned properties that matter to convert an engaged audience

11:05 a.m. – A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations
Featuring Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group

Building the case for content marketing doesn’t seem like it should need to be made anymore, especially from one executive to another. However, it does. Marketing has a marketing problem. Big budgets have traditionally been spent in marketing, but now we are asking CEOs and CMOs to pull resources away from traditional spends and focus on content. What does an executive need to know to help make the case for content marketing? Why is this more important than ever to get this positioned correctly and positioned now? This session will share strategies and advice for building a content marketing strategy for organizations and getting buy-in from the executives that still doubt the need for it.


  • Build the business case for content marketing
  • Find the budget to establish a new content marketing program
  • Measure content marketing ROI success in business terms

If you are attending CMWorld 2016 and would like to meet up, hit me up on Twitter @aweinroth.

**Session descriptions were pulled from and edited.**


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