Content That Really Cooks: Q&A with Tastemade’s Oren Katzeff

Content marketing for food brands isn’t easy. Creating the right stuff for content hungry online consumers requires a thoughtful approach and a well-planned recipe for success. Here are some tips from Oren Katzeff, Head of Programming for food video powerhouse Tastemade. With over 100 million worldwide monthly viewers of their recipe, restaurant and foodie traveler content, Oren and the folks at Tastemade know a thing or two about crafting killer culinary content at scale.

AW: What do you see as the most important considerations for driving organic social sharing of food and recipe content?

OK: The story telling needs to be great and you have to stay true to your voice and your style – which are things that your audience already loves about you.

AW: When brands license content from you or source it some other way, what are the highest impact things you see them doing with it? I.e. are they emailing it out, publishing to a microsite, sharing it on social channels? What’s the best practice here and is there anything you’ve been surprised did or did not work?

OK: We strive to be an all-inclusive, multi platform solution for brands. To that end, we’ve seen them post custom videos across their social platforms, use photo assets as part of a print campaign and magazine articles, and even use one of the pieces of content that we created as a TV spot.

One of the best practices here is being thoughtful about the particular platform for which you’re creating content. We strive to create the best possible unique experiences across Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, etc – and we encourage our brand partners to do the same when promoting content across those platforms.

AW: What do you usually see as the hallmark attributes of a killer food video?

OK: It’s typically a combination of things, but what you’ll often see is a visual and artistic masterpiece that incorporates one or more elements of the following: (1) Aspiration, (2) Inspiration (3) Something you didn’t know about something you know (i.e. I didn’t know that you can make a pizza with potatoes instead of dough!) or (4) a relatable topic (the subject matter needs to be something that the audience can relate to)?

AW: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made or lesson learned in creating food content?

OK: The biggest lesson learned is that you just truly don’t know how well something is going to perform. I’ve seen videos that I was very confident about that didn’t do well and videos that I felt so-so about that did great. The key: keep testing, keep using data in the right way, keep listening to your gut. All of those things will always put you in a position to hit a homerun every time you publish something.

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