Content Spotlight: Ally Bank


For the past 10 years, many financial services brands have shifted their focus to attract and engage digitally native consumers. To help out, last year we shared four content marketing strategies for financial services brands specifically:

  1. Create content that builds credibility to foster trust
  2. Use multimedia and various types of content to capture attention
  3. Focus on educating instead of entertaining
  4. Personalize content experiences to get results

We’re constantly looking for great brands that follow these principles for content marketing. Today we’re happy to spotlight a leading financial services organization, Ally, and showcase how they are implementing these ideas to execute a great content marketing strategy.

Building a robust, resource-rich content hub

In order to attract new customers and earn their trust, the Ally marketing team knew that they would need to go beyond pushing products and services. This led the brand to focus on education and delivering content of value to its audience. This started with the content hub called “Do It Right”, which delivers hundreds of educational articles about personal finance topics like understanding investment lingo to managing credit card debt.

In addition to blog content, the hub features polls and tools readers can use, including a car payment calculator and a CD ladder. Readers can use these tools for free and without having to submit any contact information like an email address. Leading with useful content and assets enables Ally to be seen as a trusted resource before, during and after customers engage with the brand.

Serving up individualized content recommendations

Today’s consumers simply demand relevant content from brands. Our 2017 study found that 78% of consumers are more likely to purchase a brand’s products or services if the brand does a good job of providing personally relevant content. Additionally, 50% say that they would pay more for those products and services when the content experience is individualized.

Ally’s content marketing strategy addresses these trends head on with content personalization. Using the right content marketing personalization technology, Ally is able to display individually relevant content recommendations to consumers on “Do It Right” articles. Because the recommendations were based on a user’s individual interest profile and unique tastes, Ally’s content was able to keep visitors engaged on the website longer.

Keeping new and return visitors engaged with relevant content across channels

Along with having high-quality content, Ally has invested in strategic content distribution to attract new and repeat visitors to the content hub. Ally uses cross-channel personalization tools to target users through native advertising, mobile and content discovery environments with engaging, helpful “Do It Right” articles.

After visitors leave the content hub, Ally is able to continue targeting users with relevant content across other platforms and drive them back to the content hub.

By investing in great content and the tools to target users with highly personalized content recommendations, Ally was able to boost overall content consumption that led to high-value consumer action. Download the Ally case study for the full story and the ROI of the brand’s content personalization strategy.


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