Content Spotlight: Avocados From Mexico


Food trends are fun to predict. For a while, every menu donned a tasty kale dish or brussel sprouts concoction. These days it seems like bowls (acai bowls, breakfast bowls and now poké bowls) are all the rage. Then there’s one super tasty (and healthy) fruit that has been a fan favorite for decades—the avocado. And with the growing popularity of cooking- and food-related content, there’s never been a better time to develop a content marketing strategy around avocado cooking and information.

Avocados From Mexico is one brand that has made its mission to be the authority in all things avocados, and the brand has invested in a top-notch content strategy to drive engagement and loyalty with consumers. Avocados From Mexico worked with a leading content marketing company to build a library of recipes, cooking how-tos and educational articles about avocados that spanned the interests of its target audiences in both English and Spanish.

The strategy and the content itself has our mouths watering and marketing minds spinning with excitement. Here are three things we’re loving about the brand’s approach to content marketing.

Recipes and content that span target audiences

Many recipe hubs from brands will allow users to filter recipes by difficulty. Avocados From Mexico has taken a different approach by dedicating a section of its hub to home cooks of all skill levels as well as professional chefs. They’ve also invested in a partnership with the popular food-based lifestyle brand Tastemade. With original recipe videos and co-branded short films on avocado-related topics, Avocados From Mexico is able to engage a broader audience on topics that go deeper than everyday avocado recipes.

Educational avocado content beyond recipes

Research tells us that consumers place the most value on content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) them. Food and grocery brands in particular are in a prime position to capitalize on consumer expectations in this area by delivering instructional recipes. Avocados From Mexico takes educational content even further with food-related how-to videos, like “How to tell if an avocado is ripe” and “How to slice and dice an avocado.”

A commitment to individualization

While its content is of the highest quality and driving impressive engagement results, the Avocados From Mexico marketing team knows that it takes more than just great content to captivate consumers, especially when consumers have come to expect personalized digital experiences from brands.

Avocados From Mexico leveraged the OneSpot platform to deliver an individualized content experience, recommending the most personally relevant avocado content to each consumer based on their interests and preferences, leading to higher engagement. The brand also used OneSpot Insights, a content intelligence platform, to determine what content most effectively engaged its audience in real time and to identify gaps in content coverage.

As a result, Avocados From Mexico experienced 20% lift in overall pageviews for content and a 26% increase in engaged pageviews, which are defined as visitor viewing content for at least 30 seconds and scrolling at least 25% down the page. Also, website visitors were 32% more likely to consume 3+ pieces of content per session, growing the number of highly engaged readers for the site.


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