Content Spotlight: Goldman Sachs

As we’ve previously discussed, content marketing in the financial services sector can be admittedly tricky due to heavy regulation and some hard-to-break habits. Brands have the challenge of needing to stay authoritative and reliable without coming across as stuffy. In addition, the educational component can be extremely complex and hard to simply for a mass audience. However, investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has developed a strategy that hits all the right notes.


WHAT IT IS: An educational tool born out of a partnership with the NY Times, developed to inform readers about the basics of capital markets. Visually engaging, show how debt and equity markets work.

WHY IT WORKS: Because Goldman Sachs is a trusted leader in the investment market space, this easy-to-digest content is equally helpful for and trusted by consumers. What’s more, many would pay for deeper understanding of such a complex subject, so it provides unexpected value. By partnering with the New York Times, the brand developed both an evergreen piece of content and a strong distribution plan that would increase awareness, educate and act as a benchmark for native advertising in the financial industry.


WHAT IT IS: A series of short films and digital destination that show how Goldman Sachs supports businesses to help grow communities on a large scale.

WHY IT WORKS: We’ve heard a lot about how the quality of content needs to improve to effectively engage consumers, and in this case, the production value of this series is as grand as the projects it highlights. By balancing the benefit of financial planning on a large scale with the intimacy of testimonial tactics, Goldman Sachs developed a unique series of long form content that lets viewers understand the firm while getting insights on their clients’ projects and how they impact real communities.


WHAT IT IS: A conference/ video series that brings in leading minds across multiple disciplines to shed insight and share expertise. Featured speakers include government figures (Madeleine Albright) and journalists (Tom Brokaw) to business innovators (Daniella Vitale, Barneys) and international figures (Cherie Blair).

WHY IT WORKS: There’s no question that the “inspired by TED talks” power presentation format for content can be a powerful avenue for brands. However, Goldman Sachs adopts the structure and gives it both substantial clout and relevance by recruiting heavy hitters from a various industries to address issues that go beyond business to explore what’s affecting the world today.


WHAT IT IS: Philanthropic effort initiated by Goldman to show how the brand is helping entrepreneurs and supporting job creation across the United States.

WHY IT WORKS: This platform is a great example of multi-layered storytelling told at scale. It is both impactful in its award of $200 million in education/ $300 million in grants and long-running in its development over the past three years. By sending business owners to community college for business and management education, Goldman Sachs is creating the opportunity to tell real, touching stories while also building a strong network of advocates who can further evangelize the brand in their own communities.

As brands in the financial sector continue to find innovative ways to connect with consumers, Goldman Sachs sets a great example by combining education with industry insights and real world stories that humanize the brand without losing a sense of trust and expertise. Read more on our thoughts on how financial brands can build trust here.


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