Content Spotlight: Kashi


Food-related content has taken the internet by storm, and consumers are growing hungrier each year for tutorials, recipes and general food education. According to a series of Google surveys, “How To Cook That” is one of the top 10 searches. Consumers’ cravings for educational food content suggest a larger opportunity for food brands in the CPG, kitchen appliance and grocery space to leverage food content to attract and engage them.

Many brands have already built up repositories of recipes and cooking content to inspire consumers to experiment with new dishes and bring healthy meals into their homes, with the end goal being to drive them to visit the grocery store to purchase products featured in the content.

Kashi is one inspirational brand developing beautifully designed and thought-provoking content related to food and education. Its content hub exemplifies all the things we love about content marketing from food brands, and here are three reasons why:

Kashi website: “Recipes We Love”
“Recipes We Love” is an expansive recipe library that includes all kinds of dishes, and some don’t even require Kashi products to make. Each recipe includes recommended dishes that are “related by yumminess” as well as comments from other users.

Kashi content hub: “Stories”
Another approach Kashi takes to delivering food content is through the content hub called “Stories.” The content hub takes a more story-driven approach to recipes, dubbing these articles as “Food Inspiration.”

“Stories” exemplifies all the things we love about content marketing from food brands—delicious recipes, brand storytelling on topics that align with the company’s mission, and food-related education beyond recipes featuring the brand’s products. For starters, the blog’s voice is clearly driven by the brand’s organic, home-grown aesthetic. The stories are approachable, comforting and truly insightful, with educational content ranging from “Get the skinny on fats,” to “The pros of protein.”

Kashi videos: “Certified Transitional”
Kashi has built up an arsenal of compelling videos, from cooking shows to short commercial-like how-to videos and more. Kash takes a more storytelling-oriented approach with the “Certified Transitional” series, a set of videos about farmers’ and their journey to become USDA certified organic. Kashi evangelizes its mission to support transitional farming through the videos as well as a dedicated content hub.

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