Content Spotlight: Meijer


When it comes to shopping and engaging with brands, consumer expectations are higher than ever before. They demand unique and compelling experiences, not generic “one-size-fits-all” approaches that don’t speak to their needs and interests.

For consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and grocers in particular, the most pressing challenge in the digital era is addressing the needs of the digital shopper rather than the in-store consumer they’ve traditionally prioritized. Many brands are turning to content to meet consumers’ specific needs; they’re developing articles, videos and recipes designed to reach target audiences in order to more deeply engage consumers across all channels.

OneSpot recently partnered with a leading food brand to drive up the frequency and depth of content consumption for each website visitor. While OneSpot delivered machine learning capabilities to match relevant content to each visitor, the brand also began creating distinct content that aligned with the interests and search behaviors of target customers. Over time this brand saw an increase in visitors who consumed three pieces of content or more on the site. They found that these consumers were 6X more likely to click “buy now” from the recipe page on their site.

There are many other brands taking a similar approach to content marketing, employing unique content strategies to attract customers. Meijer is one grocery brand that’s using content to position the brand as more than a supercenter; through strategic marketing efforts, Meijer is poised to attract a breadth of target customers, including the most tech-savvy digital consumers.

For this content spotlight, we highlight three terrific ways Meijer is creating incredible branded content experiences.

Fresh Meijer

In addition to using its website to market products, Meijer uses it as a content destination to captivate visitors with educational content. Studies show that consumers place the most value on content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) them. For this reason, content marketers—for CPG brands, especially—are striving to create more educational and informative content in the form of how-to content, tutorials, recipes or data-driven content to attract and engage audiences.

One way Meijer is leveraging educational content to stand out is through the Fresh Meijer section of its site. Fresh Meijer educates consumers with frequently asked questions about organic foods and in-depth profiles on the organic farmers they work with. They also include “fresh and easy” recipes using the organic products they sell. We love how Meijer has taken a search-friendly approach to its landing page by providing content that directly answers customers’ questions about organic foods while providing captivating educational assets across various content formats (text, video, recipes and more).

We Love Meat

We also love how Meijer uses educational content to reach target consumers who are likely to purchase a specific kind of product—meat. They’ve created a targeted landing page called “Welcome to the Meat Counter,” dedicated to all things meat, chock full of video recipes, how-tos for meat preparation, and even beautifully designed infographics on how to grill specific types of meat.

But one of Meijer’s most impressive uses of content to excite meat-eating consumers is with a faux smartphone app called Tender. Embedded natively on the Meijer website, the app is a play on the dating app Tinder, but instead matches users with meat-based recipes. If you match with a recipe, the app serves up specific cooking tips for the recipe.

Meijer Style

As a supercenter, fashion also plays a role in Meijer’s product offering. Meijer takes the same approach as with Fresh Meijer and the meat counter by providing educational content on fashion and style. The brand has a microsite called Meijer Style to promote its apparel and distinct viewpoint on fashion, focusing on #StyleForEveryBody, regardless of shape or size. They even partner with celebrity stylist Stacy London to create videos that share fashion tips to further educate customers with insights from a subject matter expert.

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