Content Spotlight: Oreo

Oreo blew the lid off digital marketing with viral sensations from The Daily Twist and Superbowl 2013. But they have done so much more in defining themselves as key players in the content marketing landscape. In our first content audit, we’ll take a closer look at some of the brand’s latest and greatest work.


What it is: Okay. So these technically qualify as traditional TV ads, but if what if we zoomed out a bit to see what’s really going on? Oreo created a really lovely message that gets transformed by various artists and musicians, who give it their own distinctly unique spin. Each musical collaboration was shared on Soundcloud for free download, allowing fans to take the wonder with them.

Why it works: Oreo taps into musical talent across the spectrum, ranging from established artists such Tegan and Sara and Chiddy Bang to up-and-coming YouTubers. Every version is colorful and catchy, but there are always a few things missing: product shots and calls to action. The campaign is genuinely delightful, resulting in more than 120k song downloads on Soundcloud alone.

Oreo Snack Hacks

What it is: A series of videos and Facebook posts that allows fans to take their Oreo obsession one step further by transforming snack time.

Why it works: The idea delivers across multiple platforms, on both large (with famous LA food truck chef Roy Choi) and much smaller scales (Hi there,Vine), telling shareable stories that ladder back up to a joyful message of cookie love.

Mini Mini Mart

What it is: An adorable Wes Anderson-meets-Doctor Seuss longer form video that launches the tiniest Oreos ever, plus a stunt that lets fans send cookies to their nearest and dearest.

Why it works: The video has the same wide-eyed delight watchers experience in the Wonderfilled campaign, but has its own distinct feeling (and has garnered more that 1.5 million views). Delivery maintains a sense of exclusivity to build excitement and generate buzz while celebrating sweet moments of connection (like sharing an Oreo).


What it is: Cookies “flavored” with trending Twitter topics, made at SXSW 2014 with a 3D printer.

Why it works: While this may not be traditional content marketing by definition, it’s a great example of how brands can develop innovative ways to pull in real-time trends and technology to deliver uniquely memorable experiences.

Thanks to a range of delightful yet savvy content pieces, Oreo has made the shift from snack brand to media-minded powerhouse, setting new standards for marketers at every turn.


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