Content Spotlight: Purina

For the past ten years, animals have ruled the internet, inspiring almost one million memes according to Know Your Meme plus countless memories and shared pieces of content. Thankfully, there’s no better brand to capitalize on their cuteness while turning the web into a veritable cuddle puddle for animal lovers to connect and share stories about their favorite furry friends than Purina.


WHAT IT IS: Multimedia hub for pet owners to learn more about how to care for their pet through educational content. It includes a microsite, YouTube channel, social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and clever interaction with Zodi, the cat psychic.

WHY IT WORKS: Purina created a one-stop shop for pet owners, giving them the chance to learn more about breeds and adoption tips while sharing their own photos and stories about their canine and feline friends in a forum that all about community. Petcentric blends education and information with entertainment in a way that feels true to the brand while respecting and celebrating Purina’s audience.


WHAT IT IS: Partnership with BuzzFeed to create viral content from the eyes and voice of a surly but wise, lovable feline.

WHY IT WORKS: The first installment of this mighty duo received a whopping 8MM views on YouTube, proving its purr-worthy prowess on the web. However, the second got audiences happier than a Persian with a sock filled with catnip, receiving almost 20MM views and becoming the second most popular video of all time on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel. This is clearly the result of BuzzFeed’s mastery of creating clickable videos combined with cuteness and comedy. However, the fact that both videos are clearly more about their subjects than the brand prove that great content focuses on what the end user loves and wants instead of brand messaging.


WHAT IT IS:  A digital platform plus real world summit that combines animal welfare outreach with real stories about how pets enrich human lives and information on how we can help serve them better.

WHY IT WORKS: FastCo. stated that the Better With Pets conference was like “TED for pets,” and the comparison is spot on. At every touchpoint, this platform pulls in the brightest innovators and inspirational ideas to create digestible soundbites worth sharing, proving that Purina’s commitment to animal welfare walks the walk.


WHAT IT IS: A real-life stunt and accompanying video that put a meditation box in the middle of a busy Los Angeles part to surprise stressed out passers by with a visit from kittens.

WHY IT WORKS: Like Dear Kitten, Purina partnered with a powerful content creator/ distributor (this time, with Soul Pancake, the company behind Kid President) to develop something truly shareable. The idea and its execution are simple, effective and absolutely delightful, proving that content with an unabashed sense of  joy is worth sharing.

While we’d love to cover every single furry friend and content trend that Purina has covered recently, doing so would be as hard as adopting only one cute kitten or puppy from a whole adorable litter. Which of the brand’s recent programs do you think wags the most tails?


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