Content Spotlight: Samsung

As one of the world’s most prominent consumer electronics brands, Samsung has defined itself as a leader in digital marketing across the board. While there’s no way to feature all of the brand’s innovative campaigns over the past few years, we want to highlight some of the best and brightest content created most recently.

Time Machine

What it is: A Foursquare/ Samsung collaboration that turned users’ check ins into a shareable personalized infographic, revealing their behaviors and most popular picks.

Why it works: There’s a strong mobile connection between brands, making the partnership a perfect fit to launch the Galaxy S4 smartphone. The site requires minimal interaction, yet rewards consumers for the behavior and cleverly ties personalized destination recommendations back to the product tagline (The next big thing is already here).

How Do You Match Up?

What is is: A digital tool that allows users to connect with their LinkedIn profile to see how they measure up with industry peers, offering career advice, helpful articles and areas for improvement.

Why it works: LinkedIn has already proven to be an effective tool in helping build Samsung’s online audience (more than 400k followers, 78% who are technology decision makers in their household and are 3x more likely to consider Samsung Mobile), but this tool goes one step further to play into users’ competitive spirit by quantifying the vision of success in their given field.

“Looking for Myself”

What it is: A viral video with more than 52MM views, featuring pop star Usher as he interacts with a Samsung Smart TV and battles his evil alter ego while fans watch the drama unfold on their own TVs

Why it works: Much like most of Samsung’s marketing efforts, product is key in this video, but it always plays a supporting role to talent and story. The video launched to coincide with the season finale of The Voice (of which Usher is a host), capitalizing on the show’s success and his legions of fans on social media using #TeamUsher. Paid and earned media bolstered efforts, becoming the brand’s second most viewed video of all time.

Ellen at the Oscars

What it is: The most epic selfie of all time

Why it works: Not only did this bad boy get the most retweets ever, but it was supposedly worth between $800 million and $1 billion in brand awareness. Though obviously planned, the moment felt pretty genuine when it happened, showing that stars are every bit as insecure and vain as us norms and still have creepy but awesome photobomb faces (we’re looking at you, Kevin Spacey).

While we’ve kept our focus on stateside content, Samsung’s global teams should be applauded for their efforts, ranging from bizarre (and chilly) underwater selfies in Switzerland to photographs collected from aspiring photographers all over the UK. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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