‘Deadpool’ isn’t a comic book movie — it’s a content marketing master class

Rule #1 of content marketing: know your audience and give them what they want.

This is something 20th Century Fox failed at miserably when Marvel anti-hero Deadpool first appeared in 2009’s abysmal “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” The studio took the potty-mouthed fan favorite — known for comic asides and breaking the fourth wall — and rendered him mute (the guy seriously didn’t have a mouth).

That’s what makes the marketing for this weekend’s “Deadpool” so brilliant. It’s part apology, part tease. This time out the studio is giving hardcore fans what they’ve been demanding for years — the character’s trademark brand of smarminess (check out the movie’s Facebook page and Twitter account if you dare). Of course, a small but vocal minority won’t cover the costs of a superhero flick, which is why “The Merc With A Mouth” is everywhere.

This is the trailer for the trailer

[warning: he drops an f-bomb]

This is a bit of seasonal content released around Halloween

This was the kickoff to the 12 Days of “Deadpool”

This is a special message for Australia Day

[warning: another f-bomb]

This is a remarkably useful testicular health PSA

[warning: some salty language]

What’s truly remarkable about the movie’s marketing — and I’ve only shown a bit — is how little of it is a retread of what came before. The campaign is all killer, no filler. When you consider the character’s mercenary roots, that’s highly appropriate. It’s also highly effective. Early reports have the film earning north of $65 million in its first weekend, largely due to buzz created by the seriously on-brand marketing.


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