Decoding Content: The Challenges Marketers Face

Content marketing is not a new trend, but has steadily gained adoption from some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies and industry innovators over the past five years.

However, we’re still trying to decode what works and set some key guidelines for brands and leaders to follow. We teamed up with The 614 Group to survey more than 400 marketers to learn more about their pain points and hopefully get some perspective on how to better help them succeed in connecting with audiences and driving the business outcomes they expect from content. In this first installment of our Decoding Content series, we’ll look at some of the challenges marketers face.

What we knew going in:

  • Content is at an all time high and can be either a strategic asset or heavy weight. The key is to create value that helps evolve customers from being aware to being loyal.
  • Promotion is key in driving audiences to content. Simply creating it won’t be enough to engage audiences.

What we learned:

  • B2B and B2C marketers have vastly different objectives when it comes to content. While B2B marketers focus on lead generation (38%, vs 11% for B2C) and thought leadership (%27, vs 10% for B2C), B2C marketers are driven by brand engagement (28%, vs 9% for B2B) and customer service (14%, vs 5% for B2b).
  • Marketers may have adopted content marketing in to their mix, but are far from satisfied with their efforts. More than half of marketers feel that their organizations are falling either a little short (38%) or well short (15%) of their most important objectives.
  • Driving business results is the most challenging part of content marketing, cited as the number one challenge for 29% of respondents.

To learn more, download the full Content Clarity report here.



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