Lessons in Decoding Content: Distribution

At this year’s sold out Unify conference in New York City, GE’s Linda Boff (Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing) captured the zeitgeist of what’s on the mind of many a brand marketer these days: “I don’t know a conversation about creative that isn’t just as much about distribution. If it’s a good idea and no-one sees it, it’s not such a good idea anymore.” In other words, distribution is integral to any successful content marketing strategy. Our recent research study, Content Clarity, proved that there is still lot of work to be done when it comes to getting content in front of the right eyes at the right time.

What we knew going in:

  • Distribution is never as simple as blasting content out indiscriminately. A more refined approach requires a clear balance of tools and techniques.
  • Paid, earned and owned media have their benefits and disadvantages, programs will typically need their own unique plan to best make use of each appropriate channel.

What we learned after talking to almost 500 marketing professionals across B2C and B2B brands:

  • 1 in 5 marketers currently are not making use of any targeting approach for placing their content and are purely focused on traffic and clicks.
  • The top three distribution channels, in order of usage according to our respondents, are web properties (87%), social networks (80%) and organic search (70%).
  • Though distribution is a priority, native advertising and content discovery platforms are being used by a scant few, showing huge opportunity for growth in the coming months and years. 69% of respondents see native as a valuable niche.
  • While 65% of marketers cited targeting as one of the top most important attributes in distribution, only a few are using more sophisticated methods such as behavioral targeting and signals from third party data sources.

To learn more, download the full Content Clarity report here.



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