Did the most amazing piece of content marketing of 2015 just happen?

Have you heard of Frijoles? Neither had we. But here in Austin we sure do have strong feelings about tacos…and about content marketing. That’s why we’d love to share with you this late December gem of content marketing from a Las Vegas taco joint; to us this might just be the best bit of content marketing we’ve seen in 2015, and it was produced in the last two weeks of the year. Have a look for yourself:

Here’s why we think it’s phenomenal:

1. This is actual security cam footage from a real Frijoles store.

2. The burglary took place on December 16th, and Frijoles published the video on December 17th – that’s a nimble play.

3. The humor and timing is pitch perfect. In combination with the grainy cam shots, it’s highly shareworthy.

4. The end product isn’t just entertaining – they tastefully tied it right back to the brand: “We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do.”

5. They punctuate their product value statement with a close-in of a man with a single tear rolling down his cheek for the win.

No matter where you get your tacos, this is a bite-site video of epic proportions. What can you learn from Frijoles’ real-time content marketing stroke of genius and apply to your 2016 editorial strategy?


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