What Do Experts See as the Biggest Content Marketing Challenge?

We asked esteemed speakers from our upcoming UNIFY conference to chime in with their thoughts on one simple but important question: What is the biggest challenge facing marketers relative to content marketing?


“The biggest challenge is starting from ‘content marketing’ rather than ‘content strategy.’ Content marketing is a wonderful thing, with advantages across paid, owned and earned media, as well as every point in the purchase funnel (and beyond). But to truly leverage the essential ‘marketing’ part, content must be governed and supported by a clear, cohesive, goal-driven strategy.”

Rebecca Lieb
Digital Advertising & Media Analyst


“Simple: Content has to constantly build Awareness, Engagement, Relevance and Experiences across our omni-channel media, however the challenge is in optimizing a reduction in the amount to content by using content strategies that link to our measurement and performance metrics. In essence ‘good’ content costs less, just like producing less content.”

David Parker
Global Content Technology Lead


  • The resources and new skill sets required for content creation is a major challenge for marketers. Our agencies and internal experts aren’t necessarily trained to create content beyond advertisements. We aren’t set up to create nimble content at the speed that consumers are coming to expect from digital publishers. Our process is still set up to create campaigns. Related to this is rights management of our content.
  • There’s a change in mindset needed by marketers. A lot of this is driven by the tools we use to measure success. We’re comfortable with measuring things like 1x reach. The shift to building and audience vs. building reach is a relatively new concept for marketers, especially CPG companies who weren’t schooled in relationship marketing.

Anthony Martinez
Director of Communications


“Discovering long term signals of success. Just because something is clicking well does not always yield success. In order to optimize performance, marketers must be able to view content performance indicators across multiple platforms, data sources and post click actions.”

Ken Blom
Director of Social Discovery


“While the good news is that more marketers are comfortable with the concept of content marketing and understanding its role and importance in the communication mix, there remain issues that could potentially slow growth. Beyond the obvious issues related to the time, costs and resources needed to create quality content, the biggest challenge facing marketers is how best to distribute that content and evaluate the effectiveness/ROI of all efforts.”

Susan Borst
Director of Industry Initiatives

And Dee Salomon from MediaLink sums it up nicely with a simple question all marketers should be asking themselves…


“The biggest challenge is consistently creating content that is relevant to consumers. Why should they care?”

Dee Salomon
Chief Marketing Officer

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