Free Download: Cold, Hard Stats About Content Marketing Personalization


In this day and age, consumers expect every digital experience to be individually relevant because personalized experiences are everywhere.

Amazon presents relevant home pages with content “related to” and “inspired by” the items you viewed, and Netflix recommends shows you might like based on your previous viewing habits. Google “auto-fills” search suggestions, and Facebook tailors your news feed based on content you’ve liked or shared.

It’s experiences like these that drive consumer expectations for personally relevant content from brands on a regular basis. But are marketers delivering on these expectations? And if not, what’s at stake for their content marketing programs?

We reviewed all the latest research on the topic to nail down the real risks and rewards for content marketing teams. And the findings suggest personalization is no longer just a strategy for content marketers—it’s an imperative.

Download our guide: How to Master Individualization to Delight Your Customers for best practices for delivering 1:1 personalized content experiences across every channel.


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