How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Customer Journey


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are giving marketers the ability to transform their content strategies, making content individualization possible (and at scale). The vast majority of marketers (97%) are confident that machine learning can personalize content down to the most unique and individualized interests of each customer, therein transforming the customer journey as well.

Here’s a closer look at how marketers are using AI and machine learning to deliver the most optimal content and more engaging experiences to customers.

Recommending the Right Content to the Right Person with Individualized Content

AI helps you make the most of every customer interaction with your website, serving up the most relevant content to each one across your web, mobile, and email channels. AI-driven content recommendations are designed to engage consumers at a more personalized level to build trust and loyalty. And they’ve proven to be effective: 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember to send them relevant offers and recommendations.

For example, food, grocery and kitchen appliance brands can serve up highly relevant and contextualized recipes or product recommendations based on how a customer searches on their website. They can also display recommended videos or guides on products they’ve recently purchased. By leveraging machine learning, marketers can transform the customer experience by delivering these content recommendations strategically during the customer’s moment of need and in real time.

Delivering Individualized Email Experiences

Consumers want individually relevant experiences from brands, especially when it comes to email. They only want to see content that is directly relevant to them. AI-driven technology analyzes customer data and content to deliver on these expectations and take the customer journey from generic to truly individualized.

It’s all about the data and individualized content delivery. When it comes to audiences, AI can help you understand who exactly forms your audience, what platforms they use predominantly, what other content they read, what types of content they prefer, and so on. Then, AI can help you easily segment your audience to an individualized level and determine which of your content assets are most relevant to (and likely to engage) them.

Increasing Efficiency Through Automated Content Analysis and Delivery

On top of transforming the customer journey to drive deeper engagement, AI enables marketing teams to individualize the customer experience in the most efficient way possible. Through machine learning, AI-driven individualization technology can analyze all of your brand’s available content and your audience to deliver the optimal piece of content to every individual in the moment.

As a result, brands are able to increase the frequency of emails sent but at a higher quality because the content used for each email is individually relevant to each subscriber. In addition, brands are able to get the more mileage from their content. Machine learning reduces the demand to continually produce net-new content by automatically selecting the right content from your asset library, optimizing its use.

How One Brand Is Transforming the Customer Experience with AI-Driven Individualization

Under Armour’s marketing team is a great example of a brand enhancing the customer experience through AI and individualization, all without having to invest more time and human resources. The brand wanted to create a more individualized content experience by adding a new weekly email touch point to the customer journey, a “Weekly Meal Plan” email for every subscriber. The only problem was that the marketing team lacked the bandwidth to produce an additional email every week, especially one that was individualized to the unique needs and interests of each subscriber.

Thankfully for Under Armour and the brand’s customers, the solution was in artificial intelligence. After creating a template for the Weekly Meal Plan email, they leveraged OneSpot’s Individualization Platform to automatically analyze customer data and available content, and then populate the email for each subscriber. As a result, Under Armour was able to execute a new individually relevant email touch point to drive deeper engagement with subscribers, and without having sacrifice other priorities or team bandwidth.

OneSpot uses machine learning to instantly analyze content and customer data to make email individualization possible. Click here for a closer look at how individualization technology works to create personalized content experiences for customers.


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